Posted: Thu, 09/29/2011 - 5:19pm Updated: Tue, 02/27/2018 - 8:23am

Family and Consumer Sciences (F&CS) provides the bridge needed by all students to deal with major societal issues such as work-and-family, health care, child and elder care, family and community violence and crime, global economics and politics, and technology usage. F&CS Education is a catalyst to bring these issues into action-oriented, skill-building educational programs. The Indiana F&CS Education program provides a platform for students to move into a new era by gaining a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for successfully living and working in the 21st century.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of American (FCCLA) offers teacher-developed and student-tested project-based learning strategies and materials that center the responsibility for achieving F&CS standards on students through in-class and co-curricular chapter programs and projects.

Indiana's College & Career Pathways

Updated standards for F&CS Pathway courses are located on the related Cluster pages. Go to the Pathways home page then scroll down to the blue boxes and click on the Cluster that relates to the course you want to explore.

Family & Consumer Sciences Standards and Curriculum