Posted: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 3:12pm Updated: Fri, 05/19/2017 - 12:27pm

Indiana College and Career Pathways are being developed with input from business and industry, secondary and post secondary education, and the public. To view Indiana's Career Clusters and College & Career Pathways, please click HERE.


Dual Credits

Glossary of College and Career Pathway Terms

CAREER CLUSTER - Career Clusters are a way of organizing groups of closely related careers as identified by industry and education leaders and other stakeholders. Career Clusters identify a common core of knowledge and skills, both academic and technical, for a broad set of careers allowing all learners to pursue a wide range of career opportunities from entry level through management and professional levels. Indiana and most other states list careers under the 16 national Career Clusters to organize pathways.

CTE COMPLETER - A CTE Completer is a CTE Concentrator who has taken the state-specified pathway assessment in a state approved College and Career Pathway (revised January 2012).

CTE CONCENTRATOR - A CTE Concentrator is an Indiana student who has earned at least six (6) credits in CTE pathway courses in a state approved College and Career Pathway (revised January 2012).

COURSE FRAMEWORK - A course framework is a written document that includes the state-approved elements - course title, course description, specifications, and standards that define the content - that make up a specific course.

END OF COURSE ASSESSMENTS - End of Course Assessments (often referred to as ECAs) are the standards-based assessment of students’ achievement of knowledge and skills at the end of a course. Multiple measures of assessing achievement are recommended: objective tests, essays, product, performance or portfolio assessment.

PATHWAY (Program of Study) - Indiana’s College and Career Pathways are defined as an aligned sequence of secondary and postsecondary courses that leads to an industry-recognized credential or technical certification, or an associates or baccalaureate degree at an accredited postsecondary institution, or a registered apprenticeship in:

  • An occupation labeled as high wage and moderate/high demand in Indiana, or
  • An occupation within the eight emerging career areas identified in the Indiana Strategic Skills Initiative or approved by the Pathways Management Team.

PATHWAY ASSESSMENTS - Pathway Assessments are the identified assessment or bundle of assessments (ECAs in most cases) that show students’ technical skill attainment in a specific Pathway. These assessments could be one or several End of Course Assessments, dual credit course final exams, assessments that lead to certification, or other assessments. Pathway Assessments are specified for each Pathway and will be reviewed annually for applicability. Pathway Assessments may be offered at any time during the student’s journey through a Pathway and should be offered when most appropriate to the schedule of instruction. Perkins federal funding guidelines require states to measure and report student performance on an additional number of assessments each year. See Pathway Assessment guidelines for more detailed information.

PATHWAY PLAN - A Pathway Plan is the template that details the specific high school and postsecondary courses that lead to a college degree program or a certification/credential in a particular pathway.