Posted: Mon, 04/30/2018 - 12:55pm Updated: Thu, 10/29/2020 - 9:06am

It is often said that humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Clever phishing emails are often effective in soliciting sensitive information, or network access from unsuspecting staff members. This initiative will work to educate our educators and help minimize this risk with an awareness campaign.

The State of Indiana has an existing contract with MediaPro for security awareness training and phishing simulation. In the fall of 2018 we enrolled 86 districts and more than 40,000 staff members in training.

We are happy to offer a second round of this initiative for the 2019-2020 school year. Tech leaders, if you are interested in enrolling your district, start by learning more in the Q & A below, and then use the application link at the bottom of this page to sign-up.

If we participated last year, can we sign up again?
If your district was an active user of the platform last year, you are welcome to enroll again. The only districts excluded in this year's offering are those who reserved licenses but conducted no campaigns.
If we sign up, what do we get?

The initiative includes two pieces:

  • Phishing tool - allows you to develop and send phishing messages to your staff, providing information about who clicks on unknown links
  • Awareness training - three mini-courses (58 min total) to teach your staff some cybersecurity basics
What is the cost to a district to participate?
There is no cost to the district beyond an investment of time to implement the training with fidelity. Districts should not apply unless they can commit to doing several phishing campaigns and ensuring that staff complete the awareness training courses.
How long will it take for staff to complete the training?
The pilot group selected modules in three key areas: Preventing Phishing, Safe Computing, and Social Media Risks and Benefits. These modules, or even subsets of the three, would ideally be sent to staff over the course of the year. All together these three are 58 total minutes of training. Additional modules are available.
How do we manage the training?
The IDOE has recorded webinars, led by MediaPro. Technology leads should plan on watching these sessions to learn how to manage training and phishing campaigns. These webinars are archived along with additional training information that will be sent upon enrollment.
How do our staff access the training?

MediaPro has their own learning management system (LMS), and can provide your staff logins to access training. They are also capable of exporting content to be used in your own LMS if you would prefer that method.

Note: Google Classroom is NOT a sufficient LMS to deliver this content.

What does the training look like?

You can see a video demo of one of the Awareness Training courses here:

Ready to commit to a campaign with your staff? Click here to apply!

For additional questions, please email Jennifer Watson.