Posted: Mon, 04/30/2018 - 12:52pm Updated: Fri, 01/03/2020 - 1:13pm

The IDOE has partnered with the Indiana CTO Council to create a Cybersecurity Task Force. The Indiana CTO Council is recognized as the premiere statewide group dedicated to supporting and enhancing the professional growth of educational technology administrators. As a collaborative group of Technology Directors, Chief Information Officers, and other K-12 leaders, they are uniquely positioned to identify and support a task force who are capable of guiding cybersecurity work in Indiana schools. Through their affiliation with the national Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), CTO Council also has access to resources and speakers focused on cybersecurity, which has grown as a national focus for their membership.

The Cybersecurity Task Force directs support for professional development in concert with other Professional Associations (such as Indiana CTO, HECC, IASBO, IAPSS, etc.). This may include mini-grants to other professional associations to support professional development in the context of their annual meetings and conferences. The Task Force will coordinate the various opportunities to ensure continuity and a common direction for the state. The Task Force will also direct support for professional development through new events, such as regional forums, workshops, resource hub, and webinars to implement cybersecurity initiatives for K-12 schools.

Task Force will consist of 8-10 members; primarily representatives from Indiana K-12 Chief Technology Officers and other K-12 district leaders. Interested members will agree to serve two years, starting in July, 2018. This group will meet at least two times a year, in addition to attending conferences to support their own cybersecurity focused professional development, increasing the expertise they can bring back to this work.

The CTO Council board has appointed the initial members of the Task Force. The board will also consult with identified experts in the field of cybersecurity, and those identified by IDOE leadership.

For additional questions about this opportunity, email Jennifer Watson.