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Research details the significance of development during a child’s early years. The foundations for future success are built through interactions with others and the environment. Formal and informal early learning opportunities spur the young child’s development. Indiana has a wide range of early childhood programs: developmental preschool, Head Start, licensed childcare centers, licensed family childcare homes, public community preschools, Title I preschools, and unlicensed registered ministries. The Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning (OECOSL) provides oversight of all childcare licensing, Indiana’s tiered quality rating and improvement system, Paths to Quality™, and the State’s pre-k initiatives, On My Way Pre-K and the Early Education Matching Grant. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) supports young learners through various initiatives including: The Foundations, Indiana’s early learning development framework, the Indiana Birth to Age 5 Literacy Framework, and the ISTAR-KR assessment tool.

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Indiana’s Early Learning Development Framework: The Foundations (2015)

The Foundations are Indiana’s early learning development framework and are aligned to the 2014 Indiana Academic Standards. This framework provides core elements that children should achieve from birth to age five in order to be ready for future success. The Foundations create common language and expectations for the early childhood field. The 2015 revision was based on research, feedback from practitioners, and work from professionals with expertise in each specialized area.

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