Posted: Tue, 07/09/2019 - 8:19am Updated: Wed, 02/05/2020 - 1:14pm

To support Indiana schools to attract and retain excellent teachers, the Indiana General Assembly recently passed legislation supporting career pathways which will offer high-performing teachers opportunities to advance in their careers and ensure that more students have exposure to highly effective teachers.

HEA 1008 Career Ladders Planning Grant Application

Per House Enrollment Act (HEA) 1008 (2019), the Office of Leadership and Innovation announced the release of the Career Ladders Grant in July.  The Career Ladders Grant focuses on supporting career pathways, which will offer high performing teachers opportunities to advance.  After awarding 18 LEAs a total of $3,146,480, approval has been granted to use the excess dollars to establish an opportunity for LEAs to apply for a planning grant to help establish a plan for creating a career ladder plan that will, upon implementation, provide opportunities to support the advancement of teachers in their districts.  LEAs can apply and all applications received will be reviewed in a competitive process.  Funding up to the amount of the total allocation ($353,520.00) will be distributed. The deadline for public and charter schools to apply is March 2, 2020.

HEA 1008 states that a school corporation or charter school may receive a grant to implement

(1) The System for Teacher and Student Advancement (TAP) teacher performance model program, or
(2) The Opportunity Culture teacher performance model, or
(3) A model teacher performance program approved by a national school employee organization, or
(4) A teacher performance model program that includes the implementation of all the elements itemized in this grant application.

School corporations are encouraged to plan for adoption of one of the models outlined above; or, design a unique career pathways program that meets the needs of their specific context and meets all of the elements outlined in this grant.

Find the Grant Application here.

Completed application and budget are due on March 2, 2020 to