Posted: Mon, 02/15/2016 - 8:44am Updated: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 2:13pm

IDOE understands the importance of global learning and world language education as part of the educational pathway for students. For that reason, IDOE has entered into a series of Memoranda of Understanding with countries such as France, Spain, Taiwan and Mainland China. These MOUs are in place to help fulfill a need for highly-qualified native speakers and strong cultural examples for our students at elementary, middle and high school levels. These teachers make a commitment to teach in Indiana from one to five years, provided that both the school and the teacher agree to continue beyond the first year. Participating districts employ these teachers in accordance with state and federal regulations and policies and pay them according to their experience and certification level.

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Spanish Teachers

School Partnerships with the Académie of Strasbourg

Since 2005, Indiana schools have developed beneficial and multifaceted school exchanges. Several are utilizing the Internet as the main form of exchange and others have hosted in-person reciprocal visits. All of the exchanges foster innovations in teaching practices at the partner schools and contribute to the development of an international and intercultural dimension in teaching and professional development and to the teaching and impact of the partner’s language in Indiana as well as in the Académie of Strasbourg. Not only do these exchanges foster a deeper understanding of each other, they also contribute to advocacy between the partners for learning each other’s language and culture. An additional significant benefit is that learning the language of the partner is not treated as an end in itself, but as a key asset that opens the door to international interaction in order to better prepare our youth for the global realities in the workplace, as well as their future mobility as global citizen.  All of these exchanges contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship that the partners wish to extend and further develop in various ways. Interested in participating? Contact Rebecca Estes at