Posted: Tue, 09/30/2014 - 9:11am Updated: Fri, 10/26/2018 - 4:08pm

The Office of eLearning places a high value on professional development and the goal of improving technology integration in Indiana classrooms. Because of this focus, we have sponsored a series of conferences in each of the past seven summers. Now known as Indiana's Summer of eLearning, these events have provided world-class professional learning for approximately 8,000 Indiana educators each year. Click here for info from the 2018 Summer of eLearning!

For 2019 summer hosts, we are particularly looking for those districts who can help provide training in STEM and computer science pedagogy for Indiana's teachers. Corporations who are chosen as recipients of grant funds will work in collaboration with the Office of eLearning as well as other conference coordinators, to share resources and maximize support of these conferences.

Application Opened: October 1, 2018

Application Closed: October 26, 2018 (4:00 P.M., ET) 

Notifications: Expected Nov. 9, 2018

For questions about the application or the grant, please email Jason Bailey

Answered Questions
Is it a requirement to have a keynote speaker or can we think of an alternative format for a conference?
Based on feedback from previous conference coordinator meetings, we have removed language requiring a keynote speaker and are open to other formats, especially if they offer a similar learning experience at a reduced budget.
Does a corporation have to win a grant to be included in the list of summer conferences?
To be included, a Summer of eLearning conference must meet expectations addressed by this application. Even if a district requests little or no money for the hosting of their conference, an application must be submitted and approved to be a part of the official list.
Can we host our conference on a university campus?
Yes, we encourage collaboration, particularly with higher ed. However, the grant contract will only be made with a K-12 corporation. Any funds going to the university would then be paid by that corporation.
Can we propose an EdCamp format for our conference?
Such a proposal would be considered, but would need to account for why grant dollars would be needed. The proposal would also need to prove that such a conference could provide expertise and an experience on par with other Summer of eLearning conferences.
What are the date restrictions? Does the conference have to be in the summer?
Hosting your conference during summer break is the best way to ensure that other Indiana educators can attend. You may propose a conference at either extreme of your district's summer, but should assess the calendars of other districts in your area to know that it is an option for a larger audience.
What is the maximum amount allowed for a grant proposal?
Grant amounts vary based on attendance and number of days. In 2018, the base for a 2-day conference was $14,000. Single-day conferences averaged $8,000. All proposals will be considered, and the Office of eLearning may make a counterproposal.