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McKinney-Vento Homeless

Who Is Homeless?

Homeless students are those who lack a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence. This includes students who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reason; are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or campgrounds due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in hospitals.

The definition includes migratory students who live in the aforementioned situations. Beginning Dec. 10, 2016, “those awaiting foster care placement” are not included in the definition. Read more

COVID-19 Information

For information to help support McKinney-Vento eligible students through the community-wide impact of COVID-19, please visit Indiana Department of Education - COVID 19 Resources for Indiana Schools.

For specific questions please reach out to Gina Woodward - Homeless Education Specialist

For local resources on emergency shelter and housing assistance please contact:

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Indiana Legislation

IC 20-50 – Homeless Children and Foster Care Children
IC 20-50-1 – School Corporation Liaison for Homeless Children
IC 20-50-1-1 – Defines “homeless children and youth”
IC 20-50-1-2 – Outlines state Office of the Coordinator, duties, and responsibilities
IC 20-50-1-3 – Outlines Local Liaison identification, duties, and responsibilities 
IC 20-50-1-4 – Requirement to identify local liaison annually
IC 20-50-1-5 – Outlines requirement to post local liaison and McKinney Vento info on website
IC 20-50-1-6 – Training for local liaisons and all school staff

IC 20-27-12 – Transportation of Homeless Students
IC 20-27-12-.1 – Defines “appropriate vehicle”
IC 20-27-12-.3 – Defines “foster care”
IC 20-27-12-1 – Defines “original school corporation
IC 20-27-12-2 – Defines “school of origin”
IC 20-27-12-3 – Defines “transitional school corporation”
IC 20-27-12-4 – Outlines transportation of homeless student to school of origin; shared responsibility
IC 20-27-12-5 – Guidelines for vehicles used to transport homeless student / students in foster care 

IC 31-36-3-4 – Authorization of Representative to Access Documentation and Education Services on behalf of Homeless Youth

If you or your family are concerned about housing stability including shelter or basic needs (like food, clothing, utilities, etc.), please consider contacting the McKinney Vento Liaison at your local school district. McKinney Vento Liaisons can help you connect to resources in the community that can help you find assistance and support. McKinney Vento Liaisons also help eligible students stay connected at school through enrollment and transportation assistance as well as addressing barriers to educational success and school engagement. You can find your district’s McKinney Vento Liaison at the link provided below:

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