Posted: Fri, 07/21/2017 - 1:18pm Updated: Thu, 03/14/2019 - 3:24pm

What is Title IV?

Title IV Application Walkthrough, Detailed Budget, and
Non-Public School List

Title IV, A Fund Number(s) Title IV, A Receipt Number
5800 to 5899 4550


Cohort 1: Fiscal Year 2017

Grantee Name Amount Awarded
Avon Community Schools 98,118.00
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation 100,000.00
Brown County Schools 47,906.34
Career Academy Middle School 100,000.00
Caston School Corporation 82,304.00
Centerville-Abington Community Schools 100,000.00
Christel House Academy, Inc. 99,800.00
Cloverdale Community Schools 70,000.00
CSC Southern Hancock County 68,000
Delaware Community Schools 100,000.00
East Allen County Schools 100,000.00
East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School 100,000.00
East Gibson School Corporation 100,000.00
East Noble School corporation 100,000.00
Elwood Community Schools 38,000.00
Eminence Community Schools 48,000.00
Evansville Vanderburg School Corp 100,000.00
Fairfield Community Schools  56,721.73
Franklin County Community School Corporation 69,922.92
Franklin Township Community School Corporation 100,000.00
Goshen School Corporation 100,000.00
Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools  93,505.60
Greencastle Community School Corp 99,408.00
Greensburg Community School 75,000.00
Hamilton Community School Corporation 39,000.00
Indiana Math and Science Academy North  78,000.00
Indianapolis Academy of Excellence 93,476.00
Indianapolis Public Schools 100,000.00
Jennings County  83,710.92
Kokomo School Corporation 90,000
Lafayette School Corporation 99,824.00
Lake Ridge Schools 96,848.86
Lakeland School Corporation 93,915.00
LaPorte Community School Corporation 100,000.00
Medora Community Schools 41,500.00
Merrillville Community School Corp 100,000.00
Michigan City Area Schools 99,986.00
Mill Creek Community Schools 51,500.00
MSD of Martinsville 99,300.00
MSD of Pike Township 100,000.00
MSD Steuben County 56,566.01
MSD Washington Township 100,000.00
Muncie Community Schools 64,350.00
Nettle Creek School Corporation 18,592.00
New Castle Schools 72,600.00
North Newton School Corporation 21,975.00
North White School Corporation 54,000.00
Northeast Dubois 13,670.55
Oregon Davis School Corporation 51,500.00
Orleans Community Schools 50,500.00
Paoli Community School Corporation 39,460
Perry Central Community School Corporation 64,897.00
Phalen Leadership Academies consortium 100,000.00
Plainfield Community School Corporation 86,794.94
Plymouth Community School Corporation 99,232.05
Portage Township Schools 100,000.00
Randolph Central 76,134.08
River Forest Community School Corp 49,950.00
School City of Hobart 74,994.32
School City of Whiting 68,026.06
Seymour Community Schools 100,000.00
Shoals Community School Corporation 32,750.00
South Bend Community School Corporation 99,347.00
South Putnam Community Schools 72,320.00
South Ripley Community Schools 100,000.00
Southwest Parke Community School Corporation 33,000.00
Spencer Owen Community Schools 99,999.62
Steel City Academy 79,500.00
The Charter School of Dunes 63,390.00
Triton School Corporation 29,900.00
Twin Lakes School Corporation 97,262.00
Union County College Corner Joint School 100,000.00
Vigo County School Corporation 100,000.00
Wabash Valley Education Center 201,465.00
Warsaw Community Schools 100,000
Washington Community Schools 59,530.00
West Central School Corporation 22,000.00
West Noble School Corporations 100,000.00
Westfield Washington Schools 78,653
Westview School Corporation 92,185.00
Whitko Community Schools 63,420.71
Whitley County Consolidated Schools 57,534.14


Title IV Subgrantee award Rationale

  1. All grant applications received one internal IDOE review and one external review
    1. If there was a discrepancy of more than 20% between internal and external, a third review was done by a third reviewer. All three scores were then averaged
  2. Peer reviewers utilized IDOE training and IDOE-created rubric to conduct reviews
  3. To comply with statutory requirements, IDOE weighted scores utilizing Title I Census Poverty and ADM to determine the district or school’s concentration of poverty.
    1. Districts and schools with 95% hold harmless were given 3 points
    2. Districts and schools with 90% hold harmless were given 2 points
    3. Districts and schools with 85% hold harmless were given 1 points
  4. IDOE determined a cut score of 50 for funding.
    1. Once capacity to fund grants was met, if schools had a tie score, the census poverty data of the population of the district was utilized to determine funding as the tie-breaking factor.
  5. IDOE ensured 20% threshold in Focus Area A, 20% in Focus Area B, and at least some funding had been allocated to Focus Area C.
  6. In order to comply with statutory requirements, IDOE staff sorted awarded grants to ensure geographic diversity among grantees. All regions of the state are represented.
  7. IDOE staff ensured at least 95% of the allocation was utilized for subgrantee awards as per statute.

Successful applicants are notified with an award memo and the grant will be started in the contract management system with an effective date of November 16th 2017.