Posted: Wed, 02/17/2016 - 4:04pm Updated: Fri, 04/28/2017 - 3:58pm

What is the Learning Connection?
The Learning Connection also serves as a channel of communication between the DOE and educators. The Learning Connection also provides a means for schools and teachers to securely access student achievement data for the students they serve.

Who can use the Learning Connection?
Indiana educators are encouraged to register for an account.  Any public, charter, state-accredited, freeway, or choice school may participate.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to use the Learning Connection.

I registered for an account. How do I activate my account? After you register an email with a link to activate your account is sent to your email address from If you don't receive the email within a few minutes please check your email program's junk folder and add this email address to your address book as an approved sender. You may need to unblock this email address with assistance from your email provider.
I have changed schools. Should I register for a new account with my school?
No. The Learning Connection was designed to have a single account for each educator based on the School Personnel Number (SPN). Please update your email address on your profile and request to join your new school using the Find a Community Link under My Communities. You can also leave your current school in this area.

Why do I need to provide my Date of Birth and Last 4 SSN?
Educators need to provide this information because the system provides access to student data via the schools. The information is used to match with other IDOE systems to help verify your identity. This data remains private.

A teacher's name has changed. What is the procedure to update a name?
Educators should login to their Learning Connection accounts, click on the Profile, the click 'edit" next to their name. The local school corporation should also update the educator’s name in the STN Application Center. In addition, educators should alert the Office of Educator Licensure about their name change.

How do I view student ISTEP+ data for my classes?
Schools can upload current classrooms and class rosters to the system.  Educators are able to view students’ historical scores for the students in those classrooms. Please contact your local Learning Connection Administrator for assistance.  Principals and administrators have access to historical student data based on current enrollment information uploaded to the state.

How do I manage the email notifications I receive from the system?
Every email that is sent from the Learning Connection contains a link to manage notifications via the Notifications tab of your user profile. Educators can choose to receive a single daily or weekly notification email all information from the communities of which they are members.

What is the SPN Number?
The School Personnel Number (SPN) is a unique number/letter combination that is assigned to all educators in Indiana. It is eight digits. Most educators will not need to know their SPN Number. It is assigned through the STN Application Center. Any staff who will who need access to a school within The Learning Connection can be assigned an SPN.