Posted: Fri, 01/19/2018 - 2:19pm Updated: Wed, 05/06/2020 - 8:07am

Indiana Course Access Program (iCAP) courses are offered by a number of providers. To view course description details, you will visit the Indiana Course Access Portal. Please note the following guidelines on some important points:

  1. Browse the whole course portal. Some courses have creative names, so students should browse by content area or course code or they may overlook a class in a subject that may be of interest.

  2. Registration deadlines-both the course provider’s and your local school’s determined dates.

  3. Space is not guaranteed. Whether or not there is space in a course usually has to do with when students register, although some providers will close courses for which too few students have enrolled. The iCAP course provider will notify the student’s iCAP Point of Contact of any course closures and the school will not be charged for the registration.

  4. Note all prerequisites listed in the course descriptions.

  5. Pay attention to course details.

    • Terms Available. Not all courses are offered each semester; check "Enrollment Type" in the course description. Most courses are one semester. Check "Course Credit" in the course description to confirm if the course is a semester or year-long offering.

    • NCAA Eligibility. If a course is NCAA eligible, it will be noted. This means that the online provider has applied for NCAA approval.

  6. Note supplemental materials. When a course's supplemental materials are not available online, they will be sent to the school's iCAP Point of Contact. Many courses require books generally found in school and local libraries; these will not be automatically ordered for students. Math, photography, and science courses often require calculators, cameras, and lab equipment. These materials are not provided by the iCAP.

  7. Note the technology requirements. If the student or the student's school cannot meet these requirements, then he or she should not choose the course.