Posted: Thu, 11/02/2017 - 10:24am Updated: Thu, 10/29/2020 - 9:06am

This section specifically pertains to potential iCAP providers. If you have questions related to Students or Schools, please visit those pages. Potential providers, for questions not listed below, please message:

How long is the provider application open?

The application will be open year-round and approvals will be on a rolling basis.

When will providers be notified if they have been accepted into iCAP?

Approvals will be on a rolling basis.

Do I understand correctly that instructors of courses being submitted for consideration must meet IDOE teacher licensing requirements and possess a valid Indiana teaching license?

This requirement is a starting point. Submit courses for consideration with indications about actual credentialing minimums (i.e. instructors meet standards for postsecondary courses) and we can decide accordingly.

There does not appear to be a section on the provider application where I should attach a copy of a vPat or WCAG. What I should I do?

By submitting the Letter of Assurance, you are indicating that you can provide documentation to support accessibility on demand.
If I am applying for approval of multiple courses, is there a place for me to submit a list of course titles?
When you attach evidence under Criterion Statements on the application, we expect that each document will include the title of the course in the measures of quality report. If you are proposing three courses, each course will have its own evidence file.
How do colleges demonstrate meeting the first assurance on teacher licensing?
For dual credit courses taught by an instructor through an Indiana higher education institute, the assurance on teacher licensing is waived.