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In Spanish 3B, you'll be reintroduced to Spanish in a variety of situations, beginning with multiculturalism, bilingualism, cultural influences on traditions, customs, food, and social experiences, and legends and folklore from different cultures. You’ll discuss and describe genres of music, poetry, drama, and short stories, and proverbs from different cultures. You’ll also explore how geographical features affect the weather, and how the geography and weather affect the clothing, food, and livelihoods of the local population. You’ll also understand the history of Venezuela and how the Spanish conquerors and indigenous people shaped the culture of the country, and you’ll learn about the South American independence movement, including some significant freedom fighters and their struggles to win independence. You will also discuss religions practiced in Argentina, the cultural icons of the country and how they compare to cultural icons from other countries, sports and activities in Argentina, some national symbols, such as the gauchos, and idioms and sayings from Argentina. Finally, you’ll discuss types of wildlife and natural and agricultural resources found in Costa Rica, the human resources of the country that help overcome economic and natural disasters, and how to write formal and informal letters to share experiences. You'll build on what you learned in Spanish 3A as you advance in your Spanish studies: everything that you learn about a language and the cultures in which it is spoken will serve as a foundation for further learning.

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Peter Grimm
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Spanish III

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