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Indiana Virtual Academy
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World Languages
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Non Continuous
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A weekly start date from August-February, as well as summer school
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This is the second semester of Spanish 3. In Spanish III, students will meet and virtually accompany four teens with Hispanic backgrounds as they learn about and travel to several Spanish-speaking countries. Students have many opportunities to use the Spanish they already know as well as to expand their vocabulary, knowledge of grammar, and experiences with Spanish-speaking countries. The purpose of this second semester course is to provide many experiences where students can use Spanish. Completely immersed in Spanish, students speak, listen, read, write, and collaborate with other students in Spanish this course. They also gain knowledge and perspectives about Spanish-speaking countries and from Spanish-speaking people.

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High School
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Allynn Swensen
(812) 689-0400
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$190.00 per enrollment available with a Partnership Agreement. Details can be found at or by calling (812) 689-0400.

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Spanish III

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