Posted: Thu, 12/18/2014 - 12:40pm Updated: Tue, 09/22/2020 - 3:12pm

The Office of Information Technology builds, maintains, and oversees key systems to support the operation of the department and to support schools through state and federal programs. Key activities including media production, website management, data reporting, application development, user support, and project management.

Digital Media

The office of Digital Media supports the work of the department and schools by building and maintaining the agency’s web site, directing all work related to video production, overseeing and supporting online learning for various groups through the Moodle platform and interfacing tightly with DOE’s communications team.

Data Reporting

The data reporting team works with schools to manage the submission of data as required for school funding, program management, and various legislative mandates. The data reporting team also coordinates with other areas of the department to provide data needed for program functioning, grant management, federal and state reporting, and distribution of various funding streams.

Data Management & Analytics

This office within IT manages the Department’s longitudinal data, maintains the DOE’s data warehouse and oversees the fulfillment of data requests from internal and external stakeholders. This team also works with vendors who provide various data sets to the Indiana Department of Education.

Network & Infrastructure

This team manages the technical environment needed by the agency to complete its work. All user support flows through this office and it is responsible for overseeing the entire technical environment of the agency including on premise and outsourced services.

Office of Strategic Projects & Project Management

The project management team coordinates IT related projects by working with business owners to develop project requests and project plans, to develop in-depth requirements documents and to orchestrate timely completion of projects and ultimate satisfaction of end users. This group also leads strategic modernization efforts such as the LINK Initiative.

Application Development

The application development team develops and maintains applications (both Sequel and Oracle). Most of the applications maintained by the agency are designed for school personnel required to submit data as part of the process for distribution of state and federal funds and for program compliance.

Accountability & Accreditation

The accountability and accreditation team oversee all matters related to the calculation of grades under Indiana’s school accountability system.  This team maintains and monitors state accreditation processes and procedures for Indiana schools.