Staff Assignment Associations will establish those staff as Key Contacts for IDOE and other communication purposes. Staff Contact Assignment Associations will also establish those staff with roles required for access to LINK portal providing access to IDOE systems.

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Staff - Note: All data elements flow into Data Exchange continuously. Routine verification for accuracy of data is encouraged. Certification of data will occur during the certification cycle(s).

School Type

  • Public schools (both Traditional and Charter)
  • Nonpublic schools participating in the Choice Scholarship program
  • State Schools (Department of Correction, Indiana School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Blind)

Data Elements

The following data elements are required to successfully complete membership staff assignment and contact reporting. 

  • Schools having connection to Data Exchange API with their SIS vendor: Data Elements 1 is a “building block” and should already exist from data reporting of staff (SPN) records. Data Element 2-Staff Ed Org Assignment Association and Data Element 3-Staff Ed Org Contact Association are the final requirement to complete Staff Assignment and Contact Associations. 
  • Schools without connection to Data Exchange API with or without a SIS vendor: Data Elements 1 - 3 will be required to complete staff assignment and contact associations.
  1. Staff Record including:
    • SPN
    • Staff Demographic Information (including last four SSN)
    • Years of Experience
  2. Staff Assignment Association including:
    • SPN
    • Staff Classification
    • Staff Begin Date
    • Staff End Date if applicable
  3. Staff Contact Association including:
    • SPN
    • Email (work) address
    • Contact Title of Unified Access

Reporting Details and Guidance

Click here to learn more about Staff reporting details and guidance.


staff, staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociation, staffEducationOrganizationContactAssociation


Certification cycle Staff record data reported continuously


For more information on reporting Staff data to Data Exchange, please visit Moodle.