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Collection Reason for Collecting A-F APR* School Types that Report

Additional Student Info (AD)

Gathers student specific data to complete the information on the student groups of high ability, homelessness, foster placed, 504 services and students of military families during the school year. This information is used for federal and state reporting. 

  Yes Public

Alt Education (AL)

Qualifying school corporations report the number of full-time equivalent students who were enrolled in an alternative education program for Alt-Ed funding formula.

  Yes Public with Program
Attendance for RT submitters (AT) Used for federal and state reporting, chronic absenteeism rate and assessment participation rate. Yes Yes Public
Attendance for EM submitters Used for federal and state reporting, chronic absenteeism rate, assessment participation rate, accredited nonpublic schools and voucher eligibility.  Yes Yes Accredited Non-public
Course Completion (CC) Data is used for federal reporting, as well as to identify course taking trends, examine progress toward meeting state goals for dual credit participation, and for research on the effectiveness of course-taking patterns. Data Quality Campaign/Dual Credit/Educator Evaluation Yes Yes All
Certified Employee  (CE) Data is used for federal and state reporting, teacher retention IC 20-29-2-4 and creditable services for licensing purposes 511 IAC 16-2-7(a)   Yes All
Certified Position (CP) Data is collected for federal and state reporting, program monitoring and  Educator Effectiveness calculations; Ties Teacher to Student   Yes All
Dual Credit (DT) Dual Credit earned over summer or not reported on prior school year CC Yes Yes (Optional if schools needs to report)
Educator Evaluations (EE) Allows schools to identify student-to-teacher linkages that will be used to assign student Growth Model scores to teachers for the purpose of educator evaluations.
IC 20-28-11.5 and 511 IAC 10-6-4(a)
Enrollment and Mobility (EM) Reports students for accountability in nonpublic schools and obtains data required for the management of the Choice Scholarship program. Yes   Accredited Non-public
Educator Results (ER) Used for reporting the final summative rating on each educator in school corporations  IC 2-28-11.5-9     Public
Discipline Report (ES) Used for State and Federal Reporting. IC 20-34-6 Arrest/IC 20-34-6 Bullying/IC 20-26-18 Gang/IC 20-20-40-13 Restraint/Seclusion/IC 20-20-8-8 Suspension/Expulsion Yes Yes Public and Deaf & Blind
Evaluation (Special Ed)  (EV) Federal law 34 CFR §300.301(c) State 511 IAC 7-40-5(d) – used to ensure schools meet timeline compliance   Yes Public
Graduates (GR) Used to calculate graduation rate (IC 20-26-13-12), report the 4 year grad rate (IC 20-26-13-9, 10.2 13 & 14) and to determine schools performance awards. MDEGS/Academic Honors Funding (IC 20-26-13-12) Yes Yes All
Homebound/Hospitalized (HB) Used for federal and state reporting, State Tuition Support Special Ed Funding (Federal & State)     Public
LEP/ISTEP+  (LE) Data on student information for all first-year Limited English Proficient (LEP) students enrolled in the school corporations implementing the ISTEP+ Flexibility for first-year LEP students for accountability calculations.     All  (Choice if participating)
English Learner and Immigrant (LM) Used for data needs of the Office of English Learning & Migrant Education including data needed for the assessment for ELL students. Used for Title III (fed grant) and Non-English speaking program (state grant).   Yes Public Choice/Deaf & Blind (Non-Public if participating)
Membership for Adult Learners (MA) Used to figure FTE for Adult Learner Programs. Funding amounts are a separate line item in state budget and not funded by state tuition support basic complexity.       Public w/Adult Program
Membership (ME) Used to determine membership (ADM) and Full Day Kindergarten information.  ADM is used for several purposes, including the calculation of tuition support, State Tuition Support Basic Complexity (IC20-43-4-2, 511 IAC 1-3-2)     Public
Non-Certified & Other Personnel (NE) Provides Special Education Staff/Aids that may not have been reported on CE (federal reporting). Provides information on all non-certified staff.     Public and Deaf & Blind
Pupil Enrollment (PE) Posted on Compass, used to Set Cohorts, Formative Assessment Grant, Title Funding Yes Yes Pulled from RT-EM
Real Time Access (RA) Allows school access to the IEP of a student they are not educating (and so not reporting on Real Time), i.e. nonpublic student receiving IEP services from public corp.     Public and Deaf & Blind
Real Time (RT) Collected to meet requirements under IC 20-19-3-9.4, to accurately determine where a student is enrolled and attending classes within two (2) regular instructional days. Data is also used for pupil enrollment, free & reduced counts, Data Verification (IC20-19-3-9.4) Yes Yes Public and Deaf & Blind
Special Education (SE) State Tuition Support Special Ed Funding (IC20-43-4-4)   Yes Public and Deaf & Blind
School Personnel Number  (SPN) Needed to report CE/CP/CC, Testing Labels, EE, ER, EF (IC20-28-11.5-9)     All
Student Test Number (STN) Identifies Students for all state reporting     All
Curricular Materials Assistance (TB)


(formerly Textbook Reimbursement)

School corporations are compensated for textbooks provided to eligible students through a line item in the Department of Education's budget.
State Tuition Support complexity grant calculation
    All if participating (Choice Schools that do not include fees in their tuition)
Title 1 (TI) Provides information regarding Title 1 services to students; supporting documentation for usage of Title 1 money/Usage of Title 1 grant award     Schools w/Title Programs
Testing Labels (ECA) Vendor Uploads, Data Verification for Accountability Yes Yes As Needed by Schools for testing
Testing Labels (WIDA) Vendor Uploads, Data Verification for Accountability Yes Yes Public Choice/Deaf & Blind
Testing Labels (ISTEP+, IREAD) Vendor Uploads, Data Verification for Accountability Yes Yes All
Testing Labels (ISTAR) Vendor Uploads, Data Verification for Accountability Yes Yes All
Termination (Special Education)  (TR) Reports number of public school students who were in special education on July 1st, but were not in special education as of June 30th. Data is required by the USDOE.     Public
Choice Scholarship Students (CS) Data collected for student information on eligible students applying for Choice Scholarship. This is part of the application process for Choice students. Choice Funding     Choice
Voucher Endorsement Forms (EF) Used to obtain signed voucher endorsement forms for eligible Choice Scholarship students. Receipt of signed endorsement form enables the Dept. to make Choice voucher distributions to the eligible school on the student’s behalf. Choice Funding, Choice Pro-Rated Refunds (IC 20-51-4-10)     Choice
Membership for Vouchers (MV) Used for tracking membership of choice scholarship students and is required for Choice school to receive funding.  Choice Funding (IC 20-51-4)     Choice
Special Ed for Vouchers (SV) Used for federal and state reporting and for determining state special education funds to be included in a student’s Choice Scholarship.
Choice Special Education Funding
Certification of Instructional Days (CID) Verification for AT, EV – handled by school of accountability     All
School Calendar Allows input of all collection data     All
Direct Certification and Direct Verification E-Rate (F/R data) – handled by School Nutrition     All

*APR data is required by IC 20-20-8-8