Posted: Fri, 03/24/2017 - 10:52am Updated: Wed, 03/31/2021 - 8:58am

Q. Is a Professional Growth Plan optional?
A. Yes and No. If you have a two year license and you are renewing for the third time, you will need to either have an approved 90 point PGP or you will need to pass an Indiana Core Assessment test. If you are converting your license to the Practitioners license, you have the option to convert with 40 PGP points (Conversion) and two years of educator experience. You have the option to use the 90 point PGP (Proficient) to renew or Professionalize and Renew your license.


Q. Can I use a combination of college coursework and PGPs to renew/convert/professionalize my license?
A. Yes, simply enter college coursework into your Professional Growth Plan with your PGP points by uploading official transcripts that bear the registrar’s signature and the school seal. One college credit hour equals 15 PGP points. What would be acceptable for PGP points?


Q. If currently employed at an Indiana school, consult with the school Administrator as he/she will be approving the PGP plan.
A. If NOT currently employed at an Indiana school, ensure your points earned are aligned with professional development that makes you a better Teacher/Administrator/School Service Personnel.


Q. I am o r I was a Professor at a university/college. Can I use my experience towards my PGP plan?

A. Yes, teaching the same class during the same semester can count one time that semester. The same class taught in two semesters can count for each semester; more than one time. Different classes taught during the same semester are worth PGP points. Courses worth 3 credit hours are worth 45 PGP points.


Q. Do I need a different PGP for each license or content area I have?
A. No, you can use the same PGP plan for all of your licenses and content areas.


Q. I need to edit my PGP.

A. If your PGP has already been submitted, you need to email and ask to have your PGPs returned to you. If you haven’t submitted your PGP, you will click the link on the right hand side of your LVIS homepage that says “Professional Growth Plan.” Your PGP plan will be visible, and there will be a link that says “edit.” You will want to click edit.


Q. Can I enter my PGP points while I am earning points?
A. Yes, you can enter your points as you earn them and save them. Each time you want to add more to your plan, you will click the edit link.

DO NOT submit your PGPs until it is closer to the time you need to renew your license!


Q. Can I use a Professional Growth Plan to renew my Emergency Permit?
A. No.


Q. I have a 10 year license, when should I submit my PGP plan?
A. You can enter your PGP points as you earn them. DO NOT submit your PGP plan until it is close to the time you need to renew your license!


Q. I submitted my PGP to the incorrect school and I need to correct this error, what do I do?
A. Email and ask for them to be rerouted by providing the name and number of the school to which you want the PGP routed.


Need Help Finding Professional Development? Here is a list resources where you can earn PGP points: