Posted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 10:28am Updated: Mon, 05/22/2017 - 2:18pm
NOTE: To be considered for an evaluation, you must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree for school services and administrative licensure) from an institution regionally accredited to offer degrees in education OR be a graduate of a regionally accredited institution and meet the education requirements for your state. Meeting minimum requirements for evaluation does NOT guarantee issuance of an Indiana instructional, administrative or school services license.

To apply, obtain and submit the following materials:

  1. Complete a profile, application and pay for the application through our online Licensing Verification and Information System, LVIS. Click HERE to access LVIS information. 
  2. A completed Areas for Evaluation form. Select all subjects for which you want to be evaluated. You will only be evaluated for the subjects selected.
  3. A copy of your CPR/AED/Heimlich maneuver certification - click HERE for more information and a list of approved providers.
  4. After July 1, 2013-- Suicide Prevention Training Certificate.  Click here for a link to resources.
  5. Official transcripts that bear the sign and/or seal of the registrar, the degree and date conferred. Provide transcripts for ALL completed coursework at ALL institutions attended. Transcripts must be included with evaluation materials. Do NOT order transcripts to be sent directly to the Office of Educator Licensing and Development.
  6. If applicable, a copy of your VALID out of state Teaching, Administrative or School Services License. Out-of-state licenses that have expired will not be considered.
  7. If applicable, an official letter verifying Instructional and/or Professional Education Experience. The letter is considered official if it is on school letterhead and signed by an administrator. The letter needs to include dates of employment; subjects and grades taught and/or positions held and must include both the type and status of school accreditation. It is only necessary for the Administrator from your last place of employment to verify all your experience.
  8. Official Score Reports of licensing tests you may have taken.  Please see the Educator Testing website for more information.
  9. Any other relevant application materials. If you neither graduated from an NCATE accredited education program nor hold an out of state license in accordance with our Interstate Compact Agreement, you may submit additional evidence of your license preparation for consideration. Some examples include: copies of educational awards or honors and/or official verification of in-service activities, educational conferences, seminars, educational mentoring you have preformed, educational publications, research, or presentations you have conducted. All verification(s) must be provided on official letterhead and signed by the supervisor.

Payment/Costs involved for licensure

When you apply for an original license there are 2 fees associated with the licensure: an Evaluation Fee and a License Application Fee. The initial payment will be used for the evaluation of your credentials.  This fee is $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees).   After the evaluation is completed, a second payment of $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees) will be due to issue the license.  The Office of Educator Licensing will notify you when this payment is due.