Posted: Tue, 04/28/2015 - 2:39pm Updated: Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:52am

Download the PDF file Out-of-State Preparatory Program

To teach in an accredited school in Indiana, one must hold a valid Indiana Teaching License.

Candidates who have a Bachelor’s Degree can be considered for an evaluation for an instructional license. For School Services and Administrative Licenses, a Master’s Degree from an institution regionally accredited to offer degrees in education is required for licensure OR one might be a graduate of a regionally accredited institution and meet the education requirements for that state. Meeting minimum requirements for evaluation does NOT guarantee issuance of an Indiana Instructional, Administrative or School Services license.

Once a complete application has been received by our office, an evaluation of your credentials will be conducted to determine a) What type of Indiana License could be issued and b) If there are deficiencies to complete before being issued a license. Once the evaluation is complete, a letter detailing the results of the evaluation will be sent by email. The results are valid for three years from the date of the evaluation letter. Keep this letter as it will be an important tool in the process to receive an Indiana license.

Candidates who hold a valid out-of-state license at the time of application may be eligible for a one year Reciprocal Permit, or temporary license, which will allow one to teach while completing deficiencies.

Eligibility for the reciprocal permit means that both some of the Indiana requirements for licensure have been met and one holds a valid (unexpired) out-of-state license. Because of the Interstate Compact Agreement, we are able to issue a Reciprocal Permit; however, reciprocity does not obligate Indiana to waive certain deficiencies, nor to exempt individuals from requirements set forth by Indiana administrative law/rule.

Payment/Costs for 1st time licensure

There are 2 fees associated with applying for original licensure: an Evaluation Fee and a License Application Fee. The initial payment of $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees) will be used for the credential evaluation. After the evaluation is completed, a second payment of $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees) will be due. The Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing will send notification when payment is due.

Required Documents:

***It is important that all materials be submitted together; Otherwise, applications are marked as “pending” until all missing materials have been submitted. This will prolong the application process. Applications pending for Missing Materials remain open for 90 days, after which, they are closed and the process begins again, including making payments.

  • Copy of valid CPR card from IDOE approved provider. The hands-on component accompanying on-line certification is a requirement. See website: CPR-Heimlich Maneuver-AED Certification
  • Copy of valid out of state teaching license. If you do not hold one, please upload a statement. Without a valid out of state license, one will not be eligible for immediate reciprocity (Reciprocal Permit). Out-of-state licenses that have expired will not be considered.
  • Verification of teaching experience must be on school letterhead and signed. If no teaching experience beyond student teaching has been completed, please upload a statement.
  • Official transcripts that bear the sign and/or seal of the registrar, degree issued and date conferred. Provide transcripts for ALL completed coursework at ALL institutions attended. Transcripts must be included with evaluation materials. Do NOT order transcripts to be sent directly to the Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing. Transcripts may be emailed to **If you completed an alternative program for licensure in another state, please obtain verification from the DOE in that state or the college/university explaining the program you completed and that it did lead to licensure in that state.
  • Official Score Reports of licensing tests taken. Please see the Teacher Testing website for more information.
  • Suicide Prevention Certificate. See website: Suicide Prevention Training.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Click on the LVIS Portal Link.
  2. “Create” Profile”
  3. Fill out all the required fields and click “Create Profile.”
  4. Go to your personal e-mail and find the e-mail(s) LVIS just sent you. It will be from “System Administrator.” If it ended up in your SPAM/JUNK e-mail folder, you need to add the e-mail address to your contact or safe senders list.
  5. Click the link “Verify e-mail.”
  6. Log into your LVIS account.
  7. Click “Add Application.”
  8. Select “Original”
  9. Select “Instructional, School Services or Administrative”
  10. Select “Original Instructional, School Services or Administrative”
  11. Type in the Subject Areas you wish to have on your license.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click “Add Recommending Institution Entry. Select the state and type in the name of the college/university. Be sure add all institutions where you did your education coursework or program.
  14. Click Next
  15. Answer the questions. Upload required documentation, if requested. Click Next.
  16. Upload the required documentation and optional documentation. Click “Next.” Read the paragraphs below the required documentation for instructions on what to do if you don’t have the required documents.
  17. If you have everything completed, you will be able to “Submit Application.” If not, you need to fix what is missing. Missing materials will be in RED.
  18. Click the link to pay for all pending applications.
  19. Mark the box under the “Pay?”
  20. Fill out all the Billing information.
  21. Click “Review Summary.”
  22. Click box under Refund Policy.
  23. Click “Submit.”

To save an uncompleted application, click “Save for Later” at the bottom of the page. When ready to access that application again, click “Application Status” on the right hand side and “Edit” the application that is “In Process.”