Posted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 11:31am Updated: Mon, 05/22/2017 - 2:42pm

School Services is one of the three types of Indiana Educator licenses along with Instructional and Administration licenses. Under the current licensing system, Rules 2002, there are four content areas available for School Services licenses: School Social Worker, School Nurse, School Counselor, and School Psychologist. Under previous licensing systems, School Services also included the content areas of Speech Language & Hearing Clinician and Speech & Hearing Therapy for School Speech-Language Pathologists. Under Rules 2002, this content area is called Communication Disorders and is categorized as an Instructional area rather than a School Services area.

Applicants for School Services licenses will complete application requirements based on their content area. Please choose from the appropriate list below to learn what you need to do to obtain or renew your School Services license.

NOTE: To be considered for an evaluation, you must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree for school services and administrative licensure) from an institution regionally accredited to offer degrees in education OR be a graduate of a regionally accredited institution and meet the education requirements for your state. Coursework in School Service Standards will also be required. Meeting minimum requirements for evaluation does NOT guarantee issuance of an Indiana instructional, administrative or school services license.

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