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The purpose of this project is to improve the process of data transfer and certification for student and educator level data submitted by schools and school corporations.

The Data Exchange project will implement a solution to improve the transfer and certification of student and educator level data between the IDOE and education entities.

The IDOE has announced the Data Exchange and INview projects will kick off on May 1, 2018. These projects will include a complete overhaul of how data is transferred from schools to the IDOE and how schools access record level data in IDOE systems. As a consequence of these projects, the STN Application Center and the Learning Connection will be retired. Using a widely accepted data standard compatible with most student information systems, schools will be able to automatically transfer data to the IDOE rather than submitting collections of data as is the current practice. Indiana will join other states in a modern approach to managing education data. Details regarding the data standard and the IDOE's implementation partner are shared below.

The Ed-Fi Data Standards and Technology Suite is the foundation of the Data Exchange project. By adopting the Ed-Fi standard, schools will be able to connect their Student Information Systems to an IDOE database and seamlessly transfer data to the IDOE through automated processes. The Ed-Fi technology allows the IDOE to implement data management methods currently used by other State Education Agencies to allow for interoperability between local student information systems and IDOE databases.

The IDOE has partnered with systems integrator Double Line, Inc. from Austin, Texas to provide technical assistance, solution development and implementation services for the implementation of the Ed-Fi technology. This partnership, as well as collaboration with the Ed-Fi Alliance, positions Indiana to implement a strong, statewide solution.

The Ed-Fi technology was developed by the Ed-Fi Alliance. Aligning to the U.S. Department of Education’s Common Data Standards (CEDS) initiative, the Ed-Fi technology provides methodology to achieve streamlined data exchange and enhanced access to timely information. Licensing is available to states, districts, vendors or service providers at no cost. More information about the Ed-Fi Data Standards and Technology Suite are available at

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  • Identities API

    • The solution will implement the Ed-Fi Identities API module for the management of Student Test Number (STN) and School Personnel Number (SPN) identifiers, including the audit tracking and change request processing.
    • IDOE will assign randomly generated identifiers for both STN and SPN. STN will remain 9 characters and SPN will remain 8 characters. The revised process will apply to newly created identifiers; IDOE will not require renumbering of existing Students or Educators.
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
    • The solution will implement new structures for the management of school, school corporation and network configurations.
    • MDM will replace the legacy Master File system.
  • Data Exchange Validation Portal
    • The solution will implement a new web application for review and approval of data.
  • Data Exchange Dashboards
    • The solution will implement enhanced dashboards for school and school corporation to access record level data.
    • The solution will implement the Ed-Fi Dashboards and associated plugins.
  • Data Exchange API
    • The solution will implement Ed-Fi v2.4 API for the transfer of student and educator level data between IDOE and education entities.
    • The API will allow local Student Information Systems (SIS) to connect to the IDOE Operational Data Store. System vendors must complete a certification process before credentials will issued.


  • IDOE data collections mapped to Ed-Fi v2.4
  • Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API complete on IDOE Development environment
  • Identities API complete on IDOE development environment

Next Steps

  • Release requirements and documentation to vendors to support certification process.


  • Master Data Management            Completed
  • Identities API                                        Targeted Q2 2020 release
  • Data Exchange API                            Targeted Q3 2020

These document defines the requisites for systems to successfully integrate with the IDOE Operational Data Store and Master Data Management. The Vendor Certification process ensures that systems used by Indiana educational organizations align to the State requirements.

This document is designed for application developers that are integrating with the IDOE Data Exchange REST API.

Data fields defined as required are indicated as such for vendor certification purposes. School and school corporation requirements will continue to be established per State and Federal data guidelines.

Vendor Certification Information

Pilot 2019

Last Updated

IDOE Data Exchange Vendor Certification Process


IDOE Vendor Certification Scenarios


IDOE Descriptors and Types


IDOE to Ed-Fi ODS/API v2.x Mapping Report 


IDOE Ed-Fi XML Schema


IDOE Ed-Fi ODS Swagger


IDOE Identities Swagger


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