Posted: Thu, 04/05/2018 - 7:59am Updated: Fri, 03/29/2019 - 8:11am

The purpose of this project is to implement a tool to improve the capacity of internal staff to support customers.

What is Schools 360?

The Schools 360 project will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 within the IDOE. This project represents a new organizational practice for IDOE and will not replace a current software. In an effort to improve operational effectiveness, the tool will enable IDOE to:

  • Organize IDOE work around schools and school corporations
  • Track contact with the schools and school corporations
  • Access IDOE wide data including master school information
  • Access business area specific information
  • Establish workflows for completing business area functions
  • Create dashboards and task lists to drive daily activity

Benefits to Schools

  • Improved customer support
  • Increased collaboration in responses


  • Design and configuration complete

Next Steps

  • Finalize testing and defect resolution
  • Create records for all Indiana schools and school corporations or all K-12 educational entities.