Posted: Thu, 04/05/2018 - 7:59am Updated: Wed, 05/05/2021 - 3:42pm

The purpose of this project is to establish and implement the foundational technical elements which will support the other projects.

What is Unified Access?

The Unified Access project will implement processes, policies and technologies to accomplish the key objectives of the LINK initiative. Strategic design will focus on the following enterprise elements:

  • Streamlining identity, user and access management
  • Unifying point of entry for IDOE solutions
  • Revising Master Data Management
  • Adopting data standards
  • Documenting all business logic for use across systems
  • Adopting user interface and user experience standards
  • Reviewing and revising infrastructure policies

Benefits to Schools

  • Improved user experience with IDOE business systems
  • Increased security by reducing passwords and connecting account provisioning and decommissioning to school-level processes.
  • Increased efficiency accessing and maintaining access to IDOE systems and data


  • Adopted Ed-Fi Data Standard
  • Developed and deployed the LINK Portal. The LINK Portal is a web application that provides a single point of entry for accessing IDOE solutions. Upon login, the user will see displayed the IDOE systems to which they have access.   
  • Implemented the Unified Access Identity Server.  This is an Identity solution that leverages the Cloud identities, Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite.
  • Security Registration: Single sign-on integration has been achieved with Google's G Suite for Education, and Microsoft 365 for all public corporations, education service centers, charter authorizers, migrant centers, and 99% of non-public schools.

Next Steps

  • LINK Portal:  Continue transitioning IDOE systems to the LINK Portal.
  • Security Registration Process:  Register the domains of special education cooperatives, career centers, charter companies, and other education organizations, whom IDOE works with.


Transition IndianaIEP access to LINK