Posted: Thu, 09/06/2018 - 8:31am Updated: Mon, 11/26/2018 - 10:06am

Development of the Indiana Literacy Framework was a collaborative effort with over 300 Indiana educators representing all regions of the state.

The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center provided technical assistance throughout the development process. Dr. W. Christine Rauscher served as a consultant to the Indiana Department of Education. Her guidance and feedback greatly contributed to the successful development of this framework.

The Indiana Department of Education extends its sincerest appreciation to the Literacy Team and other participating members of the Indiana Department of Education for their time, expertise, and commitment to all Indiana students.

Rose Tomishima



Leadership support provided by the Indiana Department of Education:

Melissa Blossom
Dr. Ken Folks

Don Gilroy
Dr. Jennifer Jensen

Robin Leclaire


Additional contributions were made by the following Indiana Department of Education staff:

Valerie Beard
Robin Conti
Kelley Grate

Garin Grist
Sarah Larrison
Nicole Leach

Adam Pitt
Sarah Parks-Reese
Brian Paul

John Purcell
Joe Risch


IDOE would like to publicly acknowledge the support, time, knowledge, and experience of the individuals who contributed to the process. Indiana educator input is critical to the work of IDOE. 

Thank you to the Indiana Association of School Principals for hosting our educator works groups.

Educator Acknowledgements

Ashli Adams, Ignite Achievement Academy
Khristy Atchison, Wabash City Schools
Audrey Badger, Southwest School Corporation
Mandy Baker, East Allen County Schools
Sarah Belcher, East Allen County Schools
Jessica Bell, MSD Warren Township
Jeaneen Benhart, West Lafayette Community School Corporation
Jessica Beretta, Perry Township Schools
Yvette Bertolet, Perry Township Schools
Lora Bieghler, Wawasee Community Schools
Charlene Bische, Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation
Mindy Bloomfield, Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Wade Boise, Merrillville Community School Corporation
Gina Boyd, Spencer-Owen Community Schools
Amber Bretzman, MSD Wabash County
Dennis Briciu, John Glenn School Corporation
Kristina Buikema, Merrillville Community School Corporation
Ebene Burney, Indianapolis Public Schools
Amy Bush, MSD of Lawrence Township
Leah Byers, Lebanon Community School Corporation
Meredith Bysarovich, North Gibson School Corporation
Penny Callahan, Portage Township Schools
Tonya Callahan, Scott County School District
Corrie Callahan, Perry Township Schools
Debbie Campbell, Clark Pleasant Community School Corporation
Teresa Carter, South Vermillion School Corporation
Kari Catanzaro, Maconaquah School Corporation
Steven Caudill, Bremen Public Schools
Grace Chimenti, Union County College Corner Joint School District
Laura Christie, Hamilton Southeastern School District
Amy Clancy, Center Grove Community School Corporation
Anne Clark, Manchester Community Schools
Maria Collins, MSD Lawrence Township
Jana Conn, Carroll Consolidated Schools
Marty Constantine, MSD of Lawrence Township
Emily Cramer, Northwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby County
Angela Currier, MSD Warren Township
Sherry Dart, Seymour Community Schools
Tammy Daugherty, School Town of Munster, 
Lauri Daum, Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation
Michelle DeCamp, East Allen County Schools
Laura DelVecchio, Plainfield School Corporation
Elizabeth Dobbs, Beech Grove City Schools
Angie Dowden, South Ripley Community School Corporation
Jenny Duguid, MSD of Warren Township
Leigh Anne Eck, Vincennes Community School Corporation
Lindsay Eland, Perry Township Schools
Shelly Engle, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation
Chaunda Fabio, Charles A Tindley Accelerated High School
Jennifer Fairbairn, Merrillville Community School Corporation
Malynda Fields, Monroe County School Corporation
Nicholas Flowers,  Decatur County Community Schools
Paula Fiscus, Wawasee Community School Corporation
Jeffrey Franklin, Mooresville Schools
Maria French, New Castle Community School Corporation
Ann Marie French, Vigo County School Corporation
Kay Gasaway, New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation
Leanne Geary, Wa-Nee Community Schools
Debbe Geary, Wa-Nee Community Schools
Christy Gilbert, MSD of Pike Township
Holly Gillam, Noblesville Schools
Lisa Gilpin, South Ripley School Corporation
Jodi Gleason, West Clark Community Schools
Cathy Gohmann, MSD of Wabash County
Julia Goldburg, Indianapolis Public Schools
Angie Grable, Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Jacqueline Grider, Tippecanoe School Corporation
Allison Haltom, Hamilton Southeastern School District
Amy Hardey, Clay Community Schools
Kathryn Hay, Madison Consolidated Schools
Kimberly Hayse, Danville Community School Corporation
Amy Heath, Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation 
Susan Hendrick, Perry Township Schools
Kathy Herald, Indianapolis Public Schools
Laura Heston, Shelby Central Schools

Vicki Hinen, Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Sarah Hiner, Anderson Community Schools
Patty Hinton, South Madison School Corporation
Rebekah Hodge, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Carlota Holder, Enlace Academy
Jennifer Holman, MSD Warren Township
Barb Hoover, New Albany Floyd County Schools
Dee Dee Horen, Beech Grove City Schools
Ronda Hostetler, Greater Clark County Schools
Dakota Hudelson, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation
Scott Jaworski, Anderson Community Schools
Megan Kakavecos, Brown County Schools
Carol Kazmierczak, Lebanon Community School Corporation
Katie Kerns, Jay School Corporation

Brenda Kerr, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Kathy Kersh, South Bend Community School Corporation
Hanna Kikendall, Mississinewa Community School Corporation
Timberly Kinnie, School City of Hammond
Lori Kixmiller, MSD Washington Township
Christina Layton, Indianapolis Public Schools
Kay Lazar, Western School Corporation
Mandy Lichty-Hruschak, East Allen County Schools
Lauri Lingelbach, Hoosier Academy Network of Schools
Darla Mahoney, Madison Consolidated Schools
Angela Maloney, St. Mary's School Greensburg
Tina Masson, Gary Community School Corporation
Lindsey McDowell, Zionsville Community Schools
Joe Melo, Anderson Community Schools
Lyndie Metz, Greenfield Central Community Schools
Deidre Metzinger, Clay Community Schools
Denise Meyer, Greencastle Community Schools
Brenna Michels, MSD of Washington Township
Marcia Mishler, South Gibson School Corporation
Jordan Molina, Union County College Corner Joint School District
Jessica Moman, Greater Clark County Schools
Julie Monetta, Southern Indiana Education Center
Faith Monteith, Elwood Community School Corporation
Camilla Moody, MSD Lawrence Township
Gayle Mooney, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Nichole Moore, Mooresville Community School Corporation
Ruthanne Munger, Richmond Community Schools
Beth Murvine, Valparaiso Community Schools
Michael Myers, Greensburg Community Schools
Brian Nash, Hoosier Academy
Sarah Newton, South Bend Community School Corporation
Megan Overman, Alexandria Community School Corporation
Randrea Owens, Warsaw Community Schools
Jamey Peavler, M.A. Rooney Foundation
Colleen Peluso, Valparaiso Community Schools
Allyson Peterkin, Indianapolis Public Schools
Lacey Petry, Elwood Community School Corporation
Jessica Pfau, Bloomfield School District
Teresa Prather, MSD Washington Township
Andrea Quisenberry, MSD Warren Township
Whitney Reinhart, Seymour Community Schools
Elizabeth Ritter, South Ripley Community School Corporation
Kate Robinson, South Harrison Community School Corporation
Laura Rodebeck, Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County
Jennifer Rogers, MSD Warren Township
Cara Rothrock, Lanesville Community School Corporation
Diane Rupert, MSD Warren Township Schools
Tom Rupert, Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools
Kia Rushton, Community Schools of Frankfort
Jean Russell, Southwest Allen County Schools
Tonya Schepers, Southwest Dubois County
Jamie Schildmier, MSD of Pike Township
Megan Schroeder, Cloverdale Community School Corporation
Susie Schultz, Eastern Pulaski School Corporation
Camille Schultz, Franklin County Community School Corporation
Joshua Schultz, Michigan City Area Schools
Jan Scully, South Vermillion School Corporation
Felicia Sears, Indianapolis Public Schools
John Sedwick, Anderson Community Schools
Jessica Sell, Decatur County Community Schools
Darlene Short, Warrick County School Corporation
Darren Sible, East Noble School Corporation
Mary Simmons, MSD of Warren Township
Melanie Sims, Monroe County Community School Corporation
Abby Slone, Warsaw Community Schools
Lauren Smith, Noblesville Schools
Michelle Sparling, Metropolitan School District of Wabash County
Tierney Stevenson, Indianapolis Public Schools
Jessica Stewart, MSD of Lawrence Township
Kristin Stone, South Ripley Community School Corporation
Kara Tannehill, Mill Creek Community School Corporation
Stephanie Taylor, Edinburgh Community School Corporation
Kim Terry, South Vermillion School Corporation
Karen Thornburg, South Bend Community School Corporation
Vivian Tragesser, MSD of Lawrence Township
Erika Tran, MSD of Lawrence Township
Sue Utterback, Fort Wayne Community
Andrea Villafana, Manchester Community School
Renna Waalkens, Clark Pleasant Community School Corporation
Sally Wade, Clarksville Community Schools
Juli Wakeman, MSD Warren Township
Beth Walker, Beech Grove City Schools
Jen Wheat-Townsend, Noblesville Schools
Stacia White, Indianapolis Public Schools
Sara Wiggington, Community Schools of Frankfort
Pam Wright, South Bend Community School Corporation
Jessica Youmans, Perry Township SchoolsOOO