Posted: Wed, 06/06/2018 - 12:20pm Updated: Thu, 07/18/2019 - 4:12pm

As one option for satisfying the Postsecondary-Ready Competencies required by Indiana's Graduation Pathways Policy adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education in December 2017, Locally Created Pathways are locally determined competencies and/or assessments that demonstrate a student has the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful after high school. This library is the catalog of all State Board of Education approved Locally Created Pathways.

Title: Aviation Sheet Metal
Summary: This pathway focuses on the area of aviation maintenance through a unique partnership with AAR Corp and Vincennes University Aviation Training Center.
Authoring Institution: MSD of Decatur Township
Point of Contact: Dr. Chris Duzenbery,
Pathway Results: 
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Title: Recreation Vehicle (RV) Construction Pathway
LCP ID: 10002
Summary: This pathway focuses on the area of Recreational Vehicle (RV) Construction through an industry-certification recognized by Thor Industries.
Authoring Institution: Wa-Nee Community Schools
Point of Contact: Dr. Scot Croner,
Pathway Results: 
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Title: Civic Arts
LCP ID: 10001
Summary: This pathway focuses on the areas of Band, Art, Theater, and Choral Career Opportunities
Authoring Institution: Greater Clark County Schools
Point of Contact: Kimberly Fifer,
Pathway Results:
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