Course: H.S. Probability & Statistics



Analyze decisions and strategies using probability concepts. Analyze probabilities to interpret odds and risk of events.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can examine decisions and strategies using probability concepts.

*I can investigate probabilities to interpret odds.

*I can analyze probabilities to interpret the risk of events.


Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Evaluate the validity of claims based on empirical probabilities and theoretical probabilities, including those derived from dependent and independent events. Draw conclusions and make decisions in various probabilistic contexts. (MA.AA.DSP.6)

*Understand dependent and independent events, and conditional probability. (MA.AII.DSP.5)

*Understand the multiplication counting principle, permutations, and combinations. (MA.AII.DSP.6)

*This course is a 4th year course in the Indiana sequence. The concepts and skills within the course extend to multiple post-secondary pathways and applications.

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
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