Course: H.S. Quantitative Reasoning



Analyze and critique mathematical models and be able to describe their limitations, including distinguishing between correlation and causation and determine whether interpolation and/or extrapolation are appropriate.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can critique mathematical models and describe their limitations.

*I can distinguish between correlation and causation.

*I can justify the use of interpolation and/or extrapolation and determine their appropriateness.

Mathematical models

Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Represent real-world problems that can be modeled with quadratic functions. (MA.AII.Q.1)

*Represent exponential and logarithmic functions using graphing technology and describe their inverse relationship. (MA.AII.EL.5)

*Solve real-world and other mathematical problems involving polynomial equations with and without technology. (MA.AII.PR.1)

*Use technology to find a function that models a relationship for a bivariate data set to make predictions; interpret the correlation coefficient. (MA.AII.DSP.2)

*This course is a 4th year course in the Indiana sequence. The concepts and skills within the course extend to multiple post-secondary pathways and applications.

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
Click here for clarifying examples and digital resources aligned to Indiana standards. These are intended to expand each standard to support instruction in the classroom as evidenced by the Eight Mathematics Teaching Practices put forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).