Course: H.S. Quantitative Reasoning



Analyze real-world problem situations and use variables to construct and solve equations involving one or more unknown or variable quantities to answer questions about the situations, such as creating spreadsheet formulas to calculate prices based on percentage mark-up or solving formulas for specified values. Demonstrate understanding of the meaning of a solution. Identify when there is insufficient information given to solve a problem.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can analyze real-world problems, using variables to write and solve equations involving one or more unknown quantities.

*I can isolate specific variables and values in formulas.

*I can explain the meaning of my solution when analyzing real-world problems.

*I can recognize when there is insufficient information available when solving problems.

Variable quantity

Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Solve equations and formulas for a specified variable. (MA.AI.L.11)

*This course is a 4th year course in the Indiana sequence. The concepts and skills within the course extend to multiple post-secondary pathways and applications.

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
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