Course: H.S. Quantitative Reasoning



Use estimation skills, and know why, how, and when to estimate results. Identify and use numeric benchmarks for estimating calculations (e.g., using 25% as an estimate for 23%). Identify and use contextual benchmarks for comparison to other numbers (e.g., using US population as a benchmark to evaluate reasonableness of statistical claims or giving context to numbers). Check for reasonableness using both types of benchmarks.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can determine why, how, and when it is appropriate to estimate.

*I can identify and use numeric benchmarks to estimate.

*I can identify and use contextual benchmarks when comparing and giving context to numbers.

*I can determine the reasonableness of my response using both numeric and contextual benchmarks.

Numeric benchmarks
Contextual benchmarks

Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Solve real-world problems with rational numbers by using multiple operations. (MA.8.C.1)

*Solve real-world and other mathematical problems involving numbers expressed in scientific notation, including problems where both decimal and scientific notation are used. (MA.8.C.2)

*Rewrite and evaluate numeric expressions with positive rational exponents using the properties of exponents. (MA.AI.RNE.2)

*This course is a 4th year course in the Indiana sequence. The concepts and skills within the course extend to multiple post-secondary pathways and applications.

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
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