Course: H.S. Quantitative Reasoning



Solve real-life problems requiring interpretation and comparison of complex numeric summaries which extend beyond simple measures of center, such as problems requiring interpreting and/or comparing weighted averages, indices, coding, and ranking. Evaluate claims based on complex numeric summaries.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can interpret and compare weighted averages.

*I can interpret and compare indices.

*I can interpret and compare coding and ranking number summaries.

*I can evaluate claims based on weighted averages, indices, coding, or ranking.

Weighted averages
Complex numeric summaries

Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Read, interpret, and make decisions about data summarized numerically using measures of center and spread, in tables, and in graphical displays.

*Analyze and compare univariate data of two or more different data sets using measures of center, shape, and spread. (MA.AA.DSP.4)

*This course is a 4th year course in the Indiana sequence. The concepts and skills within the course extend to multiple post-secondary pathways and applications.

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
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