Course: H.S. Precalculus: Trigonometry



Graph trigonometric functions with and without technology. Use the graphs to model and analyze periodic phenomena, stating amplitude, period, frequency, phase shift, and midline (vertical shift).

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary

*I can graph trigonometric functions with technology.

*I can graph trigonometric functions without technology.

*I can identify amplitude, frequency, period, and midline given a graph of a trigonometric function.

Trigonometric functions
Periodic phenomena
Phase shift

Looking Back Looking Ahead

*Graph exponential and logarithmic functions with and without technology. Identify and describe key features. (MA.AII.EL.1)

*Graph rational functions with and without technology; identify and describe features, such as intercepts, domain and range, and asymptotic and end behavior. (MA.PC.QPR.2)

*Graph and solve real-world and other mathematical problems that can be modeled using exponential and logarithmic functions. (MA.PC.EL.3)

*Key features of functions and their derivatives can be identified and related to their graphical, numerical, and analytical representations.
(EK 2.2A2)

Clarifying Examples and Digital Resources
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