Administrative Review Results

Scope of Child Nutrition Programs Review Process

The Administrative Review is based on the two basic performance standards using the modules listed below. 

Performance Standard Number One-Certification/Counting/Claiming - Part 210.18(b)(I) states, "all free, reduced-price, and paid lunches claimed for reimbursement are served only to children eligible for free, reduced-price, and paid lunches, respectively; and counted, recorded, consolidated and reported through a system which consistently yields correct claims."

  • Certification and Benefit Issuance
  • Verification
  • Meal Counting and Claiming

Performance Standard Number Two - Part 210.18(b)(2)(ii) states, "Lunches claimed for reimbursement within the School Food Authority contain food items/components as required by Program regulations."

  • Meal Components and Quantities
  • Offer Versus Serve
  • Dietary Specifications and Nutrient Analysis

Resource Management was evaluated using a risk based approach and may have precipitated a more comprehensive review of the following:

  • Maintenance of the Nonprofit School Food Service Account
  • Paid Lunch Equity
  • Revenue from Nonprogram Foods
  • Indirect Costs

Modules of Areas of General Program Compliance included:

  • Civil Rights
  • SFA On-Site Monitoring
  • Local School Wellness Policy and School Meal Environment
  • Smart Snacks in School (All Foods and Beverages Sold in School)
  • Professional Standards
  • Access to Water (during meal service)
  • Food Safety, Food Storage, and Buy American Provision
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • School Breakfast Program and Summer Food Service Program Outreach

Additional Programs (as applicable):

  • After School Snack
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Programs
  • Seamless Summer Option

Additional Technical Assistance may be provided for areas not necessarily noted above.