Posted: Fri, 05/17/2019 - 9:14am Updated: Tue, 12/15/2020 - 9:46am
**NOTE: School Food Authorities must complete the survey annually (typically late January) in order to receive USDA Foods.


IDOE conducts an annual pre-order survey (usually opens in January) that schools must complete in order to receive USDA Foods. This survey helps IDOE determine the amount and which USDA Foods to order from USDA.  Both brown box and bulk products sent to processors are included on the same survey. The survey is a"wishlist" of USDA Foods that schools request for the following school year. 

The pre-order survey is the time when schools make direct delivered (brown box) and direct diverted (bulk products to a processor) requests for the following school year.
Pre-allocations for the entitlement funds diverted to the Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program are posted under the entitlement tab on the survey.
Schools are encouraged to "spend" up to 102% of their allotted Planned Assistance Level (PAL) aka Entitlement dollars. These dollars are based on total lunches served in the previous school year multiplied by the current per meal rate. This rate differs from the child nutrition reimbursement rate.

Annual Pre-Order Survey Training