Posted: Tue, 12/27/2011 - 1:27pm Updated: Thu, 05/14/2020 - 3:00pm

The following policies and regulations provide guidance in administering the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Indiana CACFP Policies

Policy # Title
19-02 Receiving Donations
19-01 Sponsor Organization Appeal Procedures
15-02 Meal Service Scheduling
15-01 Guidance on Prohibition of Separation by Gender
13-02 Potential Sponsoring Organization Needs Assessment Guidelines
13-01 Removal from the National Disqualified List
11-01 Replacement of CNPweb® Passwords
10-02 Dual Participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program
10-01 Sponsors of Centers - Excessive Administrative Funds


Seriously Deficient Process for Sponsored of Unaffiliated Centers
08-12 Eligibility for Children of Employees in Family Day Care Homes
06-03 Certification Dates for Family Day Care Providers
06-02 CACFP Regulatory Recordkeeping Requirements
06-01 5-Day Reconciliation of a Facility's Enrollment and Attendance Records
05-13 Averaging of Facility Reviews by Sponsoring Organizations
05-12 Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance for Needy Family Information
05-11 Household Contact System for Sponsoring Organizations
05-08 Overpayments and disregards in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
05-03  Content and Frequency of Enrollment Forms
04-06 FDCH Recruitment Policy and Reciprocity Between Sponsors
04-05 Collection of CACFP Debts from Terminated Homes and Unaffiliated Centers
04-03 Review Requirements for Sponsoring Organizations
03-23 Electronic Documentation of Meal Records in Family Day Care Homes
03-22 Documentation of Meal Participation Records in Family Day Care Homes
03-20 Child and Adult Care Food Program Management Responsibilities for Institutions
03-19 Designation of the CACFP Contact
03-12 Audit Requirement for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
03-06 Application Procedures for New Institutions with One or More Affiliated Centers
02-08 Significant Organization Changes of Institutions Participating in CACFP
02-02 Appropriate Balances in Nonprofit Food Service Accounts
00-14 Parental Notification Requirements
00-10 Required Training for Family Day Care Providers
00-08 Budget Analysis and Amendment Procedure
00-07 Late Claim Submission Procedures
99-04 Completion of the Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals
99-02 Determining Household Income For Partnerships
97-05 Change of Sponsorship 
97-01 Documentation of Time-in/Time-Out Sheets
96-07 Admittance to Facilities
96-06 Licensed Child Care Facilities with Three School Aged Children Over Licensed Capacity
96-04 Procedure for Family Day Care Providers Moving to Another Address
96-03 Family Day Care Sponsors Participating as a Provider Under Another Sponsoring Organization
95-03 State Agency Reviews of Family Day Care Sponsors and Providers
95-01 One Home Per Primary Care Giver
94-05 Administrative Fee Guidance for Sponsors of Unaffiliated Centers
94-04 Compliance with Registered Day Care Ministry Standards
93-05 Residential Foster Children
91-16 Licensing of Child Care Facilities in Schools

In 2016, Indiana CACFP policies were fully reviewed and revised. Many policies were deleted because they are outlined in other sources, were combined with another policy, or they were found to no longer be relevant. To view a list of deleted policies along with references to where current information may be found, visit: 2016 Removed State Policies.