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Required Annual Training
Training Description Length Location
Refresher Trainings
Training Description Length Location
CACFP Refresher Workshop Topics include Center Record Keeping, Financial Management, Using the Web site, Menu Planning, Meal Pattern Requirements, Grains/Breads, Milk (requirements, portion sizes, and inventory), Corrective Action Responses, and Infant Feeding.  9 a.m.-
4 p.m. ET

975 N. Post. Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219

New Sponsor Trainings
Training Description Length Location
CACFP New Sponsor Workshop This workshop is designed for organizations applying for the program or interested in applying and includes: an overview of the program, application process, meal requirements, record keeping, and program resources. 9 a.m.-
1 p.m. ET

PNC Center
115 W Washington St., 600S
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204


Annual Financial Report Training
Training Description Length Location
Annual Financial Report 101 This is an optional training for institutions on how to complete the FY 2019 annual financial report. 30 minutes Webinar


Annual Training
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources

Annual Sponsor Training


A comprehensive course designed to provide annual training for returning CACFP sponsors, including the following lessons: Civil Rights, Meal Service Planning, Recordkeeping, Financial Management, Documentation, and Responsibilities, Maintaining a Nonprofit Food Service, and Program Oversight.

7 lessons totaling 4 hrs.


Civil Rights Training


Required training on federal civil rights laws that are put in place to ensure all Child Nutrition participants have equal access to benefits and services. 30 min. Civil rights forms
Meal Pattern Components
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources

Grain Component

A quick review of creditable grain components, serving sizes for each age group, whole grain rich criteria, and cereal sugar limits. 25 min.

Cereal worksheet-English Cereal worksheet-Spanish
Grain-based desserts
USDA grains policy
IN WIC approved foods
Training Quiz


Milk Component

A quick review of creditable milk types by age, serving sizes, and milk substitutions.

12 min.

USDA milk policy
Milk worksheet-English
Milk worksheet-Spanish
Approved milk substitutes
Training Quiz

Meat/ Meat Alternative Component A quick review of creditable meat/meal alternate components, the serving size requirements, crediting tofu, and yogurt sugar limits. 10 min.

USDA tofu/soy policy
Training Quiz

Fruit and Vegetable Component A quick review of creditable fruits and vegetables, serving sizes, and juice limitations. 10 min.

USDA fruit & veg. policy
Training Quiz

Training Description Length Handouts/Resources
Infant Meal Pattern A comprehensive training that covers infant formula requirements, breast milk requirements, developmental readiness, introduction of solid foods, and infant documentation. 19 min.

Infant meal pattern
Individual feeding record
Infant menu template
Training Quiz

Meal Service
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources
RECIPE: Role Modeling A clip from the RECIPE for Growing Healthy Children on role modeling for children    
RECIPE: Involve A clip from the RECIPE for Growing Healthy Children on involving children in the meal service    
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources
Menu and Crediting Documentation An overview of crediting documentation including menus, recipes, CN labels, product formulation statements, and nutrition facts and ingredients.


15 min.

USDA CN & PFS policy
CN & PFS information
Food buying guide
Menu template
Training Quiz

Special Dietary Needs
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources
Accommodating Special Dietary Needs in CACFP A review of requirements and guidance when accommodating special dietary needs. 30 min.

Meal modification procedure
Milk substitutions
Special dietary needs form
Training Quiz
USDA disability policy

Program Management
Training Description Length Handouts/Resources

CACFP Performance Standards


CACFP Regulations require that all new and participating CACFP institutions meet and maintain compliance with the three Performance Standards; Financial Management and Viability, Administrative Capability, and Program Accountability.  This course is designed to guide CACFP institutions to better understand the importance of the Performance Standards, the reason that they were developed, and the criteria used to determine compliance. 1.5 hrs. Financial management
Management plans/budgets
Serious deficiency/appeals


For questions about these training, contact:

Carol Markle
(317) 232-0873

Heather Stinson
(317) 232-0869