Posted: Wed, 03/25/2020 - 10:58am Updated: Wed, 07/22/2020 - 12:15pm
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New 7-21-2020! Households who believe they are entitled to a P-EBT card can send an e-mail with information about their family, and the FSSA team will research the case. Check out the FSSA P-EBT website for more details.

New 5-28-2020! FSSA is providing Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfers (P-EBT) to households that were eligible for free or reduced meals this school year. IDOE was only asked to provide data that shares free and reduced eligibility. IDOE asked schools to update student addresses during a onetime data pull. At this time there is no way to add additional students or change addresses. IDOE and FSSA are trying to find a solution for families that are eligible but didn’t get the benefit. No information or flexibility is available at this time, but hopefully, there will be a solution in the coming weeks. Initial P-EBT distribution from FSSA should be finalized by the beginning of June.

New 6-5-2020! The letter is addressed to the oldest student in the home. Example: if FSSA received one address with three different students at this same address, the one envelope with one card is addressed to the oldest student. The card must then be activated to determine the benefit amount.

Click here for a sample letter and click here for a sample buck slip.

New 6-16-2020! For parents that have not received their P-EBT card or need the card reissued, please contact 877-768-5098.

  • Operating from a non-area eligible site to only free or reduced households.
  • Operating from an area eligible site - all households regardless of free, reduced, or paid eligibility can receive free delivered meals.

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