Posted: Mon, 03/09/2020 - 1:10pm Updated: Mon, 03/09/2020 - 3:22pm

Overview of SFSP Sponsorship Application Process and Required Documentation 

Per federal regulations, SFSP application process is streamlined for current National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors. As a result, current NSLP and CACFP sponsors are required to submit only the documents marked with an asterisk (*) below. However, all other organizations must submit all the documentation requested below.

In order to apply for SFSP sponsorship, an organization must be one of the following:

  • A public or private school
  • A government entity
  • A public or private college, including National Youth Sports Programs (NYSP)
  • An established nonprofit 501(c)3 organization providing year-round community service
Attention! Any Organization interested in SFSP sponsorship must be first pre-qualified!  An applicant organization must complete a Potential New Sponsor Survey online and confirm with SFSP staff about meeting the program eligibility criteria before proceeding wiht the application process.


Once the program eligibility has been confirmed, follow the steps below:

  1. Attend the in-person State Agency training. See available training dates and locations
  1. Submit all of the required documentation to the State Agency in one mailing prior to the application deadline of April 30, 2020. Partial submissions are not accepted.

Only documents marked with an asterisk (*) will be required of current CNP sponsors!


  1. CNP Agreement

A completed, current version of the permanent agreement. This is the contract between the sponsoring organization and the State Agency and must be reviewed in its entirety. This must be an original document, contain all the pages and include the original signature of the head of the agency (signed by the Superintendent/Pastor/CEO). This original document has to be mailed to our office.  It will then be signed by the State Superintendent and maintained in our files. A signed copy will be scanned back to the sponsor to be kept in their perpetual program file.


  1. Tax Status

Not-for-Profit organizations must submit a copy of the 501(c) 3 tax exempt letter from the IRS. This is also required for residential camps. Church sponsors may submit tax-exempt certificate. Please submit a copy and not the original document.


  1. Proof of Financial Viability

SFSP is tax-payer federally funded program, therefore, all sponsoring organizations must be administratively capable and financially viable. Submit a copy of a profit/loss statement for the prior year and bank records for a minimum of past 12 months of operations.


  1. Confirm the Status with the Indiana Secretary of State 

An applicant agency must confirm their current status with IN Secretary of State office. In order to receive SFSP reimbursement payments, the current status must be “active”


  1. DUNS Number (Dunn and Bradstreet Data Universal Number)

Every organization receiving federal funds must have this number. To obtain a DUNS number, visit and submit the completed DUNS form.


  1. SFSP Free Meals Policy Statement*

The executive contact will need to read and sign this policy statement.


  1. Health Departmet Notification Form*

All SFSP sponsors must notify the local health department of their SFSP participation. Complete and submit a copy of this form.


  1. SFSP Procurement Plan*

This is required document for each organization and must be signed by the authorized sponsor representative. A full compliance with SFSP procurement procedures, including obtaining quotes and/or following bid procedures is an important responsibility of each sponsoring agency. For more procurement related info, contact our Procurement Specialist Cindy Harris at


  1. W-9 and Direct Deposit Authorization Forms

This information is used to establish a vendor file with the State Auditor’s Office for program reimbursement via direct deposit payments. Both forms must be completed correctly and fully and included in the application documentation.


  1. Site Justification Form

Completing this form is a pre-requisite for new sponsors to establish a new meal service site in    

Allen, Lake and Marion County or as determined by the IDOE.


** Additional application documentation may be required for some sponsors, depending on their meal preparation method (FSMC/Vendor) and other variables.


Fully completed documents must be submitted in one mailing to:


IDOE Office of School & Community Nutrition

Attn: Tina Skinner

115 W Washington St

South Tower, Suite 600

Indianapolis, IN 46204


  1. Complete the online portion of the SFSP application in the CNPWeb portal at

All potential non-school sponsors will receive CNPWeb system access AFTER they have attended the in-person sponsor training and submitted the required application documents. 

The following digital forms must be completed by each sponsor in the CNPweb:

  • Sponsor Information Sheet
  • Sponsor Budget
  • Site Info Sheet for each meal service location

The State Agency will provide additional assistance as needed.

No sponsor application will be reviewed or approved until all the required paperwork and online forms have been completed and submitted to the State Agency.


Any questions related to application process should be directed to