Posted: Thu, 10/09/2014 - 8:18am Updated: Fri, 01/10/2020 - 8:20am

Menu Certification Requirements

All Local Education Authorities (LEAs) participating in the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs must be in compliance with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) meal pattern in order to receive the additional reimbursement (currently $0.07, previously $0.06) for lunches served.  The additional funds are awarded at the sponsor level, but each site under the sponsorship must demonstrate daily and weekly meal component compliance and nutrient assessment for each specific grade group it serves.  LEAs are required to demonstrate through a USDA approved certification tool that the daily and weekly serving sizes of each meal component - meat/meat alternate, bread/grain, fruit, vegetable and milk are being met through menus.  Additionally, the assessment of the weekly calorie, saturated fat and sodium levels will be demonstrated through the certification tool.  New sponsors must have completed certification worksheets demonstrating compliance for both breakfast and lunch, prior to being approved to claim meals.  Ongoing demonstration of compliance will be identified during Administrative Reviews of USDA Child Nutrition Programs.

FNS Offers Additional Flexibility to Assess Compliance with Weekly Ranges

    *Meat and Grain Weekly Maximums for lunch and breakfast have been permanently lifted.

    *Two varieties of milk must be offered, with at least one being unflavored, but can be skim or 1%.

    *At least 50% of the weekly grains offered to meet the grain component must be whole grain rich.

    *Creditable dessert grains are still limited to 2 ounces per week.

    *Target 1 sodium levels remain in effect through PY 2022-23, then moves to Target 2

    *Regardless of flexibilities, calories, saturated fat, and sodium levels must still be met for specific grade groups.

To ensure ongoing compliance is met, sponsors should use the following updated menu certification worksheets and resources:

Menu Certification Resources & Worksheets

Please save to your computer a copy of each of the blank spreadsheets for the appropriate grade groupings for your school corporation. You may work on these at your leisure.

5 Day Schedule Certification Worksheets



7 Day Schedule Certification Worksheets



Uncommon Weeks Worksheets

Extended Schedule Worksheets

Meal Pattern Requirement

Other Resources

If you need assistance, please contact your field specialist or call Marcia Yurczyk at (317) 232-0852 or