Posted: Fri, 09/30/2011 - 10:57am Updated: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 9:21am

"We believe that for Indiana's schools to be safe and secure...

  • Students are the key focus for successful school safety efforts;
  • Each member of the school and community will be partners in providing schools with adequate resources, exemplary leadership, and united support for the development of a secure learning environment for all children;
  • Schools must promote ongoing and effective communication and involvement in a collaborative community dialogue to ensure a feeling of welcome and involvement;
  • There must be a well-defined written plan that is practiced, evaluated, and updated on an ongoing basis;
  • Everyone in the school community must be well-trained and knowledgeable of the best practices in school safety;
  • The school community must promote an environment of trust and respect, hope and belonging;
  • Educational functions will be free of aggressive and violent behavior; and
  • All members of a school community are entitled to accurate and timely information, while recognizing the legal responsibility of confidentiality."

Mission Statement: The Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy will provide on-going, certified training and information on national and state best practices, as well as exemplary resources for school safety, security, intervention/prevention, and emergency preparedness planning. School safety specialists will be trained to lead the development and implementation of school safety practices which will provide safe educational environments for all students in Indiana.