Posted: Wed, 05/29/2019 - 10:03am Updated: Wed, 05/29/2019 - 11:52am
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Have you ever wondered what active engagement looks like in a classroom?  Are there tips, tricks, or even proven strategies enabling teachers, regardless of student grade level, content area, or years of experience, to actively engage all students? This professional development (PD) will provide a full understanding of what it means to actively engage students and how to do it effectively. Participants will be able to identify the five levels of engagement, identify the level of engagement in their classrooms, learn how to move students towards authentic engagement, and add engagement activities to daily lessons. Schedule Here!
How do you effectively check for understanding during a lesson and why is it an important part of the teaching and learning process? This PD will answer those questions and provide participants the opportunity to observe checks for understanding methods in action to immediately utilize in their own classrooms. Additionally participants will understand the difference between a mistake and a misconception, know what to do with the information gathered, and identify how they will be held accountable for implementation. Schedule Here!
Participants will experience a hands-on workshop resulting in the creation of an instructional pacing guide that prioritize the most critical Indiana State Standards, regardless of the subject area or grade level. School improvement specialists will coach teachers and administrators through the process of mapping priority standards in an easy-to-use instructional calendar process.  Participants are guaranteed to leave with a calendar in hand, and the confidence for successful implementation. Schedule Here!
Teachers have access to multiple data sources, but how do they decide which data points are most needed in instructional planning?  Participants will learn how to collect and disaggregate the most meaningful data, use a data analysis protocol in a few simple steps, and create an action plan meeting the needs of all students. Schedule Here!
What is the difference between intervention and remediation?  What does enrichment look like in a classroom setting?  Participants will: gain an understanding of the benefits of utilizing data to group students, participate in a reflection of where they are in this process, and changes they could make to maximize time with students.  We will also explore the resources available on the Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE’s) website and how the Office of School Improvement can provide on-site coaching and implementation tips for intervention, remediation, and enrichment. Schedule Here!
Educators will begin the process of learning how to teach to a vast audience using practices that are inclusive for all students. Content presented during this PD will jump start the process of implementing culturally responsive teaching practices before students enter the classroom. Research reveals culture is central to the learning process; therefore, playing a significant role in how we communicate and receive information. Pedagogy that acknowledges, responds to, and celebrates fundamental cultures offers full, equitable access to education for students from all cultures. Schedule Here!
While teachers are working extremely hard, they aren’t always giving students opportunities to grapple with the academic standards at higher DOK levels. This PD provides teachers with an understanding of what D.O.K. is and what it is not. Participants will be able to identify the DOK levels and types of cognitive processing needed at each level as well as applying this knowledge to their own classroom assessment questions. Schedule Here!
Do you know how to assess students’ understanding of a specific learning target as opposed to evaluating students’ learning on a unit of study? This PD will provide an understanding of the difference between a common formative assessment (CFA) and summative assessment. Participants will gain an understanding of CFAs as well as the what is needed to implement. Additionally, participants will understand the urgency to change the way we, as educators, assess students’ understanding of learning targets, and the resources available. Schedule Here!
Are you teaching to the full depth of Indiana’s College and Career Readiness Standards? This PD will provide teachers and leaders with a simple, but highly effective strategy to fully unpack Indiana Academic Standards, so students are prepared to demonstrate mastery.  We will focus on the importance of creating and using student-friendly and measurable learning targets to drive daily classroom instruction. Additionally, participants will explore IDOE’s math and literacy frameworks in order to utilize these resources in instructional planning. Schedule Here!