Posted: Thu, 09/13/2018 - 10:01am Updated: Tue, 03/05/2019 - 8:10am

Leveraging Video for Learning: Strategies for Using Video Observations for Professional Growth

Cultivating Trust in Video Observations: Considerations for Teacher and Student Privacy

Turnkey Technology: Recommendations for Setting Up Schools for Effective Technology Implementation

Measuring Readiness and Success: A Guide to Piloting and Large-Scale Implementation

Background on this Tool

A greater emphasis continues to be placed on increasing the extent to which teachers are observed, observe each other, and receive instructional support from colleagues. Yet school and district leaders face significant structural impediments: Teachers are busy and cannot float between classes to observe during the day; administrators may not have the time to observe, give robust feedback, and facilitate peer support among teachers; and teachers rarely receive expert feedback in their own content area. If used well, video technology can help overcome these barriers and accelerate the process of opening up instruction to observation and feedback.

This toolkit is written for education leaders who are interesting in learning about ways to leverage video observations for formative and/or evaluative purposes. It is intended to provide practical guidance for designing and implementing a video observation process within schools and districts.

Guidance on How to Leverage this Tool

This toolkit provides practical guidance for education practitioners in using video observations to help teachers accelerate their development. The toolkit details and provides specific tools for five ways video observations can be used to reflect, collaborate, and end teacher isolation.

  1. Video for self-reflection
  2. Video for peer collaboration
  3. Video for virtual coaching
  4. Video in evaluation
  5. Building a video library

Besides detailing the different ways to implement video observations the toolkit provides recommendations for choosing appropriate technology, guidance for creating a trustworthy environment for video use, and tools for assessing readiness to start video observations in your school community.  

Getting Started with the Using Video of Instruction for Professional Development Toolkit

The toolkit is designed so that the user can identify and utilize the specific resources and guidance that align with their needs. To pinpoint which resources are most relevant for a school and/or district, leaders are encouraged to briefly review each of the documents to identify which guidance most align with the needs and interests of a school and/or district.

Center for Education Policy Research. Harvard University. For more information, visit this webpage. These resources are available for noncommercial use through a Creative Commons License.