Posted: Wed, 10/03/2018 - 9:20pm

Fairness, Bias, and Cultural-Responsiveness Checklist for Assessments


Background on this Tool

Developed by the Center for Collaborative Education, this tool is designed to help school leaders and educators evaluate the fairness, bias, and cultural-responsiveness of their assessments for students.


Guidance on How to Leverage this Tool

This tool can be used as a standalone resource for evaluating a student assessment in terms of its fairness, bias, and cultural-responsiveness. The tool can also be used in conjunction with the “Assessment Validation Checklist” that evaluates assessments against a number of other criteria including alignment to standards and 21st century skills.

The tool is organized as a checklist, with specific criteria for evaluating the assessment in five areas:

  1. Bias
  2. Stereotyping
  3. Fairness
  4. Cultural-Responsiveness
  5. Controversial Topics

The specific criteria provided for each of these areas can help school leaders and educators identify opportunities to increase the fairness and cultural-responsiveness of their student assessments, while eliminating bias and stereotyping.


Getting Started with the Fairness, Bias, and Cultural-Responsiveness Checklist

School leaders and educators are encouraged to review this tool and reflect on how it could be used in existing or new professional learning settings (e.g., professional learning communities, grade-level team meetings). School leaders are also advised to start using the tool with a small group of educators and staff to identify the supports and professional learning that will be necessary to effectively use the tool across the school. 


Reference: Center for Collaborative Education. For more information, visit this webpage