Posted: Thu, 09/13/2018 - 9:55am Updated: Wed, 09/26/2018 - 8:28am

Shifting School Culture to Spark Rapid Improvement


Background on this Tool

The Center on School Turnaround has identified four levers for dramatic change to rapidly improve schools, one of which is "culture shift." This resource focuses on that specific lever by describing what it means to shift a school's culture, why it is essential for rapid school improvement, and how to establish and sustain a school culture that fosters student learning and success.


Guidance on How to Leverage this Tool

The report is organized in five sections. The first four sections provide important background information on school culture and describe key practices for shifting school culture. These sections of the report also address the importance of school and classroom practices authentically responding to students' cultures. The final section of the report offers a "Quick-Start Culture Shift Tool" to help school-level teams develop a plan for shifting their school's culture through meaningful stakeholder engagement. This report can be used by school leaders to initiate new or enhance existing conversations within their school about strategies for enriching their school's culture.


Getting Started with the Shifting School Culture to Spark Rapid Improvement Toolkit

School leaders and their teams are encouraged to review the first four sections of this report before exploring the "Quick-Start Culture Shift Tool." The first four sections of the report provide clear and compelling rationale for working towards a school culture that is culturally responsive and focused on student learning.

Center on School Turnaround. Shifting school culture to spark rapid improvement: A quick start guide for principals and their teams. For more information, please visit this website.