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Develop skills to better recruit, retain and develop effective teachers. 

Presentation of Turnaround Principle
Sources of Evidence
  • District curriculum guides
  • Lesson plans
  • Walkthrough observations
  • Administrative walkthrough data
  • Informal and formal teacher observations/evaluations
  • Lesson plans
  • Common assessments
  • PLC meeting agenda and minutes
  • Grade/ content level meeting agenda and minutes
  • Professional development plan/ goals
  • Inventory of instructional materials and resources
  • District and /state model curriculum
  • School-based budget
  • Master schedule
  • School plan
Indicator 5.1

Hiring timelines and processes allow the school to competitively recruit effective teachers.

Resources for Indicator 5.1
  • Teacher Hiring, Placement, and Assignment Practices - This 31 page document from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality offers Tips and Tools for improving school hiring practices.
  • Best Hiring Practices - This 2 page Infographic from The New Teacher Project provides ideas to help plan an effective teacher hiring timeline.
  • Teacher Talent Toolbox - This 23 page guide from The New Teacher Project outlines best practices for hiring, and includes real examples of best practices used in schools.
  • Missed Opportunities - This 64 page report by The New Teacher Project explains why highly effective teachers are not being placed in schools with the most need, and offers recommendations.
Indicator 5.2

School leadership uses teacher evaluation to provide feedback for improving classroom practices, informing professional development and increasing learning outcomes.

Resources for Indicator 5.2
Indicator 5.3

Teachers are provided professional development that enables them to continuously reflect, revise, and evaluate their classroom practices to improve learning outcomes in both a structured collaborative setting and individually.

Resources for Indicator 5.3
Indicator 5.4

Staff assignment is intentional to maximize the opportunities for all students to have access to the staff’s instructional strengths.

Resources for Indicator 5.4
  • AIR Staffing Practices - This 31 page article discusses the benefits of effective teacher hiring, assignment, and placement practices.
  • Leverage Leadership - Authored by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo with a foreword by Doug Lemov, Chapter 5 and 6 focus on student and staff culture:  tools and resources are included.
  • Empowering Teacher Effectiveness - This 7 page article discusses empowering teacher effectiveness and the five key factors for success.
  • Using Teacher Evaluation Data to Inform Professional Learning training - This module delves into practical approaches for using evidence and ratings gathered through performance evaluation to inform professional learning for teachers. You will learn how teacher evaluation data are used in self-reflection and formative feedback, practice using teacher evaluation data in planning for professional learning for individuals and the organization, and explore next steps for ensuring that school and district structures support a teacher evaluation system focused on professional growth.
  • Linking Teacher Evaluation to Professional Development - This 30 page Research & Policy Brief was developed to support the efforts of states and districts to inform professional growth decisions and opportunities by strategic use of results from teacher evaluation processes.
  • National School Climate Center - The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) is a nationally-recognized school climate survey that provides an in-depth profile of your school community’s particular strengths and needs. With the CSCI, you can quickly and accurately assess student, parent, and school personnel perceptions, and get the detailed information you need to make informed decisions for lasting improvement.
Indicator 5.5

Teachers are provided professional development that promotes independent, collaborative, and shared reflection opportunities for professional growth.

Resources for Indicator 5.5