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Ensure the school-wide use of data focused on improving teaching and learning. Examples of data that an LEA may consider include: student outcome data, such as student achievement data, graduation rates, dropout rates, student attendance rates, percentage of students completing advanced coursework, discipline incidents, truants, distribution of teachers by performance level on the LEA’s teacher evaluation and support system, and teacher attendance rate. An LEA may also wish to examine the results of formative or interim assessments to help improve classroom instruction.

Presentation of Turnaround Principle
Sources of Evidence
  • Needs assessment data
  • School climate surveys and data
  • School focus groups
  • Discipline and referral data
  • Attendance data
  • Data from social workers and guidance staff
  • Artifacts for student progress
  • Samples of data presented to staff
  • Data analysis documents
  • Data analysis summaries/ reports
  • Master schedule
  • Data team work
  • School plan
Indicator 6.1

Multiple forms of data are presented in user friendly formats and in a timely manner to drive all decisions for improving climate and culture.

Resources for Indicator 6.1
  • School Climate Improvement Process - This page focuses on the School Climate Improvement Process and is based on a cyclical and continuous process of preparation, evaluation, understanding the evaluation findings and action planning, implementing the action plan, and re-evaluation and continuing the cycle of improvement efforts.
  • PBIS Indiana - This website is a statewide network of Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support that infuses culturally responsive practice into the evidence-based PBIS Framework.
  •  - This website is provided by the US Department of Education to provide information and resources for districts and schools to establish, scale-up and sustain the PBIS Framework.
  • PBIS World  - A website containing links to hundreds of interventions, supports, resources, and data collections tools, all of which are organized into the Tier 1-3 Framework.
  • Northwest Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Network  - This website contains links to websites, reference materials, presentations, webinars and other resources for PBIS.
  • Leverage Leadership - Authored by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo with a foreword by Doug Lemov, Chapter 5 and 6 focuses on student and staff culture:  tools and resources are included. 
  • Climate Walk Recording Template: - This 2 page template is a tool to help record and document evidence of core values, expectations, procedures and rules in all school spaces.  Example provided.
Indicator 6.2

Multiple forms of data are presented in user-friendly formats in a timely manner to drive all decisions for improving student achievement.

Resources for Indicator 6.2
Indicator 6.3

A specific schedule and process for the analysis of ongoing formative assessment data tied to CCRSS aligned curriculum that includes the specific goals for improvement, defined strategies, progress monitoring and evaluation.

Resources for Indicator 6.3