Grade: 1 - Physical Science 2

Predict and experiment with methods (sieving, evaporation) to separate solids and liquids based on their physical properties.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary
I can predict the outcome of using various methods of separating solids and liquids.

I can experiment with different methods to separate solids based on physical properties.

Physical property

Cross Cutting Concepts
Structure and Function:
*The shape and stability of structures of natural and designed objects are related to their function(s).

Energy and Matter:
*Objects may break into smaller pieces, be put together into larger pieces, or change shapes.

Science and Engineering Process Standards
SEPS 3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
Looking Back Looking Ahead
Identify and explain possible uses for an object based on its properties and compare these uses with other students’ ideas. (K.PS.2) Predict the result of combining solids and liquids in pairs. Mix, observe, gather, record, and discuss evidence of whether the result may have different properties than the original materials. (2.PS.2)