Grade: 2 - Physical Science 2

Predict the result of combining solids and liquids in pairs. Mix, observe, gather, record, and discuss evidence of whether the result may have different properties than the original materials.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary
* I can predict the result of combining solids and liquids in pairs.
* I can mix solids and liquids.
* I can observe solids and liquids being mixed together in pairs.
* I can gather and record the results of mixing solids and
liquids together.
* I can discuss whether the properties of solids and liquids
are different once mixed together


Cross Cutting Concepts
Cause and Effect
Looking Back Looking Ahead
* Predict and experiment with methods (sieving, evaporation) to separate solids and liquids based on their physical properties. (1.PS.2) * Determine if matter has been added or lost by comparing mass when melting, freezing, or dissolving a sample of a substance. (Law of Conservation of Mass). (5.PS.3)