Grade: 3, 4, 5 - Computing Devices and Systems 2

Understand the pervasiveness of computers and computing in daily life (e.g., voicemail, downloading videos and audio files, microwave ovens, thermostats, wireless Internet, mobile computing devices, GPS systems).

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary
* I can describe how computers are used in daily life.
* I can identify computing devices.


Looking Back Looking Ahead
* Use standard input and output devices to operate computers and other technologies (K-2.CD.1) * Describe the major components and functions of computer systems and network. (6-8.CD.3)

* Describe what distinguishes humans from machines focusing on human intelligence versus machine intelligence and ways we can communicate, as well as ways in which computers use models of intelligent behavior (e.g., robot motion, speech and language understanding, and computer vision). (6-8.CD.4)